Achievements: A Bee’s Best Friend

Achievements are a great feature in Mobee App. In this week’s blog, we’re sharing a post from one of our Mobee Bees, Christy Edwards. She wanted to share her thoughts on Achievements with the Mobee community. Her Mobee experience has been improved thanks to the achievements feature in the Mobee App, and we couldn’t be happier about that. What are your thoughts on Mobee Achievements?

And now, without further ado, take a look at what Christy has to say about Mobee Achievements. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!

How Achievements Benefit Me

Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved being able to collect badges.  I was apart of the Brownies, Girl Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers when I was a little girl. In that time, I earned every badge that I possibly could.  I was extremely determined and motivated to be able to earn every single one. 

When I became involved with Mobee this past January and there were Achievements that could be earned I was all in on it.  I set goals and worked hard so that I would be able to complete Missions and get closer to earning each possible achievement.  It was always so thrilling to see the individual circles move up one by one.  It was so great to be able to once again be able to set little goals and then to achieve them. 

I’ve totally enjoyed being like a little bee just buzzing around and checking out new places. I’ve been learning a lot of really interesting things through this app as well. 

In just a couple of months I’ve been able to complete 99% of all of the Achievements that are available in Canada.  It has been so great! I have earned a ton of Amazon and Starbucks dollars using Mobee.  I’ve been able to contribute to a variety of not-for-profits as well.  In addition, I’ve had a ton of fun in the process!  I’ve even had a couple of friends start doing the assignments too!

What can I say to other bees?

If I could leave any advice for my fellow bees it would be:

  • Make little goals for yourself and then reward one-self!!
  • See it as a scavenger hunt and what will I find out today – it’s all about attitude!!!  
  • See it as helping employees and businesses become better
  • Set yourself a route for where you desire to get your assignments done
  • Enjoy checking out new places
  • Know and do assignments where you have other things for the day – preplan!!
  • Most importantly just do your best!!!

Closing Thoughts

Achievements were a key piece of Christy’s Mobee experience. She also left us with a ton of great advice to share with the rest of the Mobee swarm. Achievements can make your Mobee experience even better and they offer you more opportunities to earn extra points. What could be better than that?

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Author Note

Christy has been a Mobee bee since 2019. She loves doing quick assignments/Missions which is why Mobee has been a great app for her. She loves learning new skills and ideas and is constantly completing Mobee Missions in her spare time. To date, she’s completed 287 Missions! Her favorites so far have been: Sound the Alarm Missions, Honey Missions, and Listen up Missions. We hope you enjoy her guest post!

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.