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Egg-cellent Shopping Facts for Your Easter Holiday!

As the Easter holiday approaches, we’ve gathered some of our favorite Easter fun facts to share with you all. We were amazed at some of these facts and are now we’re excited to begin our Easter Shopping bonanza. Using your Mystery Shopping rewards will make spending money on Easter gifts feel a little bit sweeter.

  1. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans were estimated to spend about $17.3 Billion on products for Easter in 2017. Looking at the trends from past years, this number will likely increase in 2018.
  2. In 2017, U.K. brand “Choccywoccydoodah” sold Faberge-style chocolate eggs for roughly $31,000 for a set of 3. These eggs are incredible to look at! Your Mystery Shopping rewards could go towards one of these masterpieces one day.
  3. As each generation has grown up, Easter egg hunts had been passed down to the next generation of youth. This trend doesn’t have to continue anymore however. There are various places that will host adult Easter egg hunts. Inside each egg are prizes that are more suited to your interests as an adult, but the fun is all the same.
  4. Peeps are one of the most commonly known brands when thinking about Easter. Did you know that there are annual Peeps diorama contests? Entries exemplified the most creative uses for our favorite marshmallow friends. There are likely many  Peeps diorama contests that you can enter if you’re interested!
  5. According to CNBC, sales for Easter candy in 2016 narrowly beat out Halloween which previously was held the title for highest candy sales.  Those chocolate bunnies and eggs become more and more appealing each year in our opinion.
  6. Have you ever wondered why many people buy a new outfit for Easter? Dating back to the mid-1800’s in New York, it was believed that buying new clothes to wear on Easter would bring good luck for the remainder of the year. This is one fact that we love here at Mobee. We’ll take any chance we can to shop using our Mobee rewards!
  7. During Easter, more than 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs, and 700 million Peeps are produced in the United States. (FCU)
  8. When you receive a chocolate bunny for Easter, which part do you eat first? If you said ears, then you and a large majority of Americans are in the same boat. According to WalletHub, 88.7 percent of American consumers will eat the chocolate bunny’s ears first.
  9. In 2017, 72.4 percent of people planned to spend more than they had spent the previous year on Easter products according to the NRF. Another statistic that is likely to continue to grow as time goes on.
  10. How much chocolate is too much? The tallest chocolate Easter Egg according to the Guinness World Record, measured in at 34’1.05” in height and had a circumference of 64’ 3.65” at its widest point! This egg was made in Tosca, Italy in 2011 and it weighed 15,873 pounds. You know what they say, you can never have too much chocolate.

As holiday spending continues to grow, we’re happy to let you know that Mobee rewards will be available to help with your holiday purchases! From clothes to candy, Easter has a wide variety of products that you may need. You can make money from your phone while you shop for all of your Easter needs this year.

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