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[VLOG] Show Me The Honey: Tips and Tricks!

In this blog, we decided to give you a new training video for a very popular Mobee Mission… The Show me the Honey Mission! Today, you’ll learn everything from what qualifies as a unique product to what we’re expecting to see when you take a photo of the honey section of the store.

In addition to tips and tricks, you’ll almost every question within this Mission to help you plan out when you’d like to complete it. We know you’ve all been asking for more information when it comes to Mobee Missions, and we’re happy to deliver more insights into our Missions.

Check it out!


Closing Thoughts

We know that you want to learn all there is to know about mobee Missions. With this training video (and many more to come) we’ll give you an inside look at available Mobee Missions to help you get more of your Missions approved.

If you want to see more videos like this, let us know! Send your comments to support@getmobee.com or to any of our Mobee App social media pages! We love hearing all of your insights.

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