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Where, oh Where, Did My Mission Go?

You arrive at a Mission location only to find that the Mission has disappeared from the map. You may be thinking: What happened? Nobody else is here where could the Mission have gone? Why did all of the other related pins disappear? We understand your frustration and we’re here to shed some light on what causes this. There are a few situations that could be causing different Missions to disappear.

Another Bee Completed the Mission

In some situations, Another bee may have completed the Mission before you were able to get to the location. When this happens, the pin may disappear before you arrive, or when you attempt to begin the Mission an error message will appear that says “Error: Another user has already started this Mission.”. Competition to complete Mobee mystery shopping Missions can be fierce especially when higher-priced Missions are on the line. We’d recommend completing any Missions you’re interested in quickly before another bee gets to them first!

Mission Caps

For all our Missions we place more pins on the map than we need for results. This is done to provide an opportunity to gather information/data from different store locations to diversify our findings. Unfortunately, because of this, we do not need every single pin that may show up on the map to be completed. Missions can be capped based on region and based on the store. Once a Mission cap has been reached for your region or for a store, all the associated pins will disappear from the map. This can happen while you’re driving to the location or after you’ve completed a Mission that caused the cap to be reached.

Reappearing Missions

You may be wondering, why do Mission pins reappear sometimes? This happens if a Mission has been refused in our validation process. A Mission refusal will put all pins back up on the map that do not have a completed result. If a Mission is refused, any incomplete Missions will be placed back on the map for you to complete. As soon as you or another bee has completed a Mission the cap may be reached again and all of the associated pins will disappear.

Missions can appear on the map at any time, but they can also disappear quickly when that Mission is a hot commodity. How can you take advantage of a Mission before it’s gone? Complete secret shopping Missions at your earliest convenience. If pins have been disappearing and reappearing frequently, these Missions may reach their cap soon so be wary if it’s far away from your current location. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Stick with us and you’ll be making money from your phone in no time.

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.