[FAQ Series] What are Featured Pins on Mobee?

A somewhat new feature to the Mobee app is featured pins. Because they’re newer to the app, we’ve seen more questions about this feature recently. We wanted to give you an in-depth look at what these pins are and answer all of your most frequently asked questions about them.

Let’s dive into featured pins!

What is a featured pin?

A featured pin is a pin that is either available for a very limited amount of time OR worth a larger value of points. When a featured pin is available near you, it will pop up when you first open the app, giving you the option to look at the Mission information screen. Featured pins are typically not available for long because of the limited availability and higher value of points.

How many featured pins can I complete in one day?

You can complete an unlimited number of featured pins as long as they are available when you open the app. For example, if you open your app and notice 3 featured pins relatively close to you, you can complete all three as long as they remain available when you arrive at that store location. You will not be able to complete the same Mission at the same store in the same day, however, as with all of our Mobee Missions.

The more featured pins you see, the more you’re able to complete. It’s all based on availability in your area! Try opening your app often so you’ll be the first to know about new or even upcoming featured Missions!

How many featured pins are available on Mobee?

The number of featured pins visible on the Mobee map at any time is dependent upon our clients and their Mission needs. We are not able to give you an exact number at any given time because new Missions could pop up daily, weekly, or monthly. Our best advice is to check your app frequently to see what’s available near you.

While you’re at it, check the gray pins on the app to find out when those will be available and see if they might be featured when they are. It’s so helpful to know what Missions are coming so you can take advantage of all of point opportunities near you.

How do I know if a pin is featured?

You’ll know if a pin is featured based on the color on the map. All featured pins are gold with a golden “halo” surrounding the pin. Another key indicator is the pop up when you first open Mobee. If there is a featured pin available near you, we’ll notify you when you open the app with a little pop up. This is the best way to identify featured pins.

If you’re looking in the list view, the number of points will be shown in a gold color if the pin is featured. It will also say “featured” on top of the location name in the list view. Featured pins will always be shown at the top of the list view when available making them even easier to find.

Closing Thoughts

Featured pins are a great addition to Mobee. They make it easier for you to find high paying Missions or limited time only Missions near you. The pin color and size make them easy to spot on the map so you know exactly where to look. What’s not to love about featured pins?

If you have any additional questions about featured pins or any other Mobee features, please let us know! Our team would be happy to answer any you may have. We can always be reached at support@getmobee.com!

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