12 Ways to Prevent Your Packages From Getting Stolen

Ordering products online is convenient. Within a few clicks, almost any product that you can imagine will arrive at your door in a matter of days. With COVID-19, many people opted for the convenience and safety of home delivery. And it looks like that trend is here to stay. 

Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in packages being stolen. It’s very easy for thieves to blend in, as people constantly approach our homes thanks to the rise of platforms like Uber Eats, Freshly, and others. To help ensure that you aren’t a victim of porch pirates, we will explain 12 different ways to prevent your packages from getting stolen.  

No. 1: Have Your Packages Delivered to Your Job or a Friend

If you are going into the office, or live nearby, having your packages delivered to your office could help ensure that they don’t get stolen. Check that your office has a secure place to store packages so that they aren’t stolen from there. However, most thefts tend to occur in residential neighborhoods.

Another option is to have your package delivered somewhere where somebody is home. This could include a sibling, friend, roommate, or another family member. They can pick up your package for you, and keep it safe until you get there. 

No. 2: Have Your Package Held at a Local Post Office or UPS Store  

Certain orders allow you to have your package delivered to your local post office or UPS store. They will hold them for you, and you can pick them up when ready. Porch pirates won’t even stand a chance. 

No. 3: Use Amazon Locker delivery 

Hub Lockers are “secure, self-service kiosks where you can pick up Amazon.com packages at a time and place that is convenient for you.”

When you order a product online, you select a locker near you and then they send you a code. You use that code to open your locker and receive your package. They are usually open early and late and have little to no line. Since they are contactless, they are a great way to stay safe during COVID. 

No. 4: Test Out Amazon Key  

Amazon Key allows for garage or in-car trunk delivery. You would need to be open to having someone enter your home or opening your trunk. But if you are, this will help make sure that even the best of thieves can’t steal your package. 

With Amazon Key drivers receive a temporary, one-time access code to your garage after the Amazon delivery app confirms their identity and delivery route. They then place the item into your garage or car. The drivers all must complete background checks and aren’t allowed to go more than 5 feet into your garage. For extra security, you can have a camera in your garage to watch when they enter.

No. 5: Use A Lockbox

Lockboxes are pricier options but can be great ways to protect your online orders. FedEx, UPS, and others place deliveries inside, and you take them out when you get home. They are simple to use and can be placed right outside your front door. One brand that leads this space is Landport. Their boxes are big enough to hold several packages. 

No. 6: Set Message Alerts to Track Your Packages 

With UPS and FedEx, you can set up text messages and email alerts. This will help inform you of where your products are in the shipment process. They will also send you notifications when your packages arrive. Just be careful to watch out for text message delivery scams

USPS Informed Delivery is another option. They allow you to see your images of your mail and its location, without the need for tracking numbers. This will help you ensure that you are home if something important is coming. 

No. 7: Buy an Echo Dot

Echo Dots will notify you by turning yellow when your Amazon orders arrive. This will help you make sure that you know exactly when your package is outside. Which will prevent you from having it sit outside all day. 

Amazon also sends emails when your orders arrive as well. S, keep an eye on their email the day a package is scheduled for delivery. 

No. 8: Order a Google Nest or Another Home Security Camera

Using a security camera can be a great way to see who’s at your doorstep. While they might not stop a thief in action, the sight of one will often deter them. Most stolen package crimes are ones of opportunity. So, if they see you have a camera, they might just move on to the next house. 

The Google Nest is a specific motion-activated camera that can recognize when packages are delivered and send you a notification. Check out Safewise’s guide on the best home security systems of 2021 for other home security cameras.

No. 9: Have Your Orders Shipped to Store

Buy-online pick-up in-store is a great option. This allows you to buy a product online and then pick it up from your local retailer. This can work for more expensive items that might cost more to ship. Stores will often offer you free shipping since they have to ship it to their store to sell it anyways. 

No. 10: Double-Check Your Address

Sometimes packages get lost because they get delivered to the wrong house. Always make sure to check with neighbors to see if they have your packages. 

If you live in a multi-unit apartment and don’t specify your door number, packages can often end up somewhere else. If your front door doesn’t look like a safe place to put your packages, the delivery driver might not place it there as well. 

Make sure that you have clear delivery instructions and fill out shipping information correctly. It will save a ton of future headaches. 

No. 11: Request a Signature With Your Package 

This one can be a bit frustrating when you are in the middle of a Zoom call and FedEx comes banging at your door. You make a run for it, but by the time you get there, the dreaded slip is there. However, requiring a signature will make sure that someone has to sign off on packages and reduce thefts. Of course, make sure that someone is there to sign off. There’s nothing worse than chasing around a package.

No. 12: Have Your Package Delivered Somewhere Out of Plain Sight

Having your package delivered somewhere out of plain sight is a great way to deter thieves. Some services let you choose where your package will be delivered in the delivery instructions. This means you can have it dropped off in your backyard, or somewhere else more secure.

Packages get stolen from time to time, especially during the holiday season. But with a little bit of preparation, you can help reduce the likelihood that you are a victim of package theft. 

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