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What to Do When You Get Caught Taking Photos In-Store

This is a guest post written by one of our Bees, Stephanie Modkins.

Secret shopping is fun until you get caught. And answering probing questions from a skeptical store representative can be scary. In these situations, you might not be sure what you should say. You also might be scared that they will ask you to leave the store.

Your best option is to prep for this type of scenario. Since, in general, it occurs while taking pictures, here are 5 plausible reasons for taking photos in a store.

No. 1: You Are Planning a Dinner Party.

Explain to the associate that your photos of food and beverages are for a special dinner. As part of the planning stage, you are collecting information to create a menu. And that using your cellphone is the easiest process.

No. 2: You Are Shopping for a Sick Friend.

Are you engaging with an aggressive, convenience store clerk? If so tell this individual you are picking up an item for a sick friend. You are texting photos to clarify your buddy’s requests. Then, afterward, pause and look at a pre-written text.

No. 3: You Are Comparing Prices on a Specific Product.

Tell them that your photos are for price comparison. You have already visited a few competitors. Then, ask questions about the price of a product. For example, will it change during the week? Is there a Sunday sale? Use this act for electronic stores requiring photos of sections.

No. 4: You Are Capturing Details on a Label.

Over the past decade, people have become more health conscious. They do not want to use goods with a lot of harsh chemicals. Take advantage of this trend. When scanning (or capturing) UPC numbers, if approached by a store manager, explain your checking for harmful ingredients.

No. 5: You Are Shopping for a Group Gift.

There is always one person who shops for a group gift. When asked what you are doing by a store representative, be this person. Pretend you are going to show your photos to others in the group later. Then, ask for a few suggestions.

In conclusion, the above 5 plausible excuses for taking photos in a store. They make sense and justify your actions. And, if you return to the same place of business on another day, you appear less suspicious. The workers already think they know what you’re up to.

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Editor’s Note: Stephanie Modkins is an active Mobee user. She spent her childhood as a military dependent traveling to different places like the Philippines. This experience taught her the value of diversity. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing cards, and watching singing competitions.

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