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Your Photos are the Key to a Successful Mission

This is a guest post written by our validation team.

The photo is the most important part of a Mission provided by you, our Mobee Bees. With that in mind, our unique team of employees, who verify your Mission results, are constantly looking for specific items within your results to ensure they’re honest and accurate. By reviewing your submitted photos we are able to gather the information our clients need.

From your awesome photos we can: 

  1.  Verify that your answers match the photos. 
  2. Determine if a product or item is NOT on the shelf/store. 
  3. Confirm if a product or item IS on the shelf/store. 
  4. Check what is around the item in question. 

So, if photos are extremely important in a Mission, how do you take the best photo for your Mobee Mission?  

  1. Take Clear Focused Photos: Make sure your mobile device’s camera lens is clean and all operating systems and app versions are up-to-date.  When taking the photo, give the mobile device time to focus before snapping the photo. You’re our eyes into the store, the better the photos are the faster we’ll be able to validate your Missions.  
  2. Take Photos as Requested in the Mission Question: Double-check the question description to be sure that you’re in the right section of the store and photographing the item, display, or area that we ask for.  If the display does NOT look like the way it’s described in the mission question, then answer NO and move on to the next question/photo. If the display isn’t present in the store, your Mission won’t be refused. Remember, with Mobee, honesty is always the best policy in Missions.  
  3. Missing Items: If you cannot find an item, take a photo of the shelf in which you feel it should be. We need to be able to verify that items are not in the store in order to approve your Mission. Photos of the floor, or of an unrelated area of the store will be refused 
  4. Follow the “All-Four-Corners” Rule:  Make sure the outside edges of whatever you’re photographing are in view; if your photo is too close up, you might be leaving out valuable information that we need as part of your mission. The more you include in your photo, the more likely your Mission is to be approved.  
  5. Review Photos: Before submitting your results, please review your photos carefully.  The app allows you to return to your photo and retake any photos that are not clear, or in the wrong section of the store. 
  6. Obstructed Views: Obstructed views are difficult, and we understand the difficulty of taking a clear shot when something is in the way. We ask that you take the clearest photo as possible and we ask you NOT move any items blocking the items in which you are going to photograph.    

Taking the best possible photo can be difficult at times, but there is a lot that can be done to ensure you’re getting the image you need. We want to approve the most Missions possible, and photos are a big piece of the Mission validation process. Photographing the correct products and displays and making sure each photo is of the best possible quality will bring you one step closer to earning your Mobee rewards.

Author Note

The Mobee Validation team has been a crucial member of the Mobee team since its start. They are responsible for ensuring all Mission results are honest and accurate. Check out our other tips and tricks to help you get your Missions approved.

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Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.