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What Are We Looking For In Your Mission Results?

This is a guest post written by Ray, one of our Validators.

Mobee has a unique team of employees that verify your Mission results.  The validator is on the front line of reviewing all the data you submit.  The goal of the validator is to reduce refusals as much as possible, encourage our users to submit Missions more often, all while ensuring the data is accurate for our clients.  For more information about what our clients do with your data, check out the linked blog post!  The validator provides the necessary feedback to our users to ensure accuracy for the greatest amount of points.

There are several things that a validator is searching for in your results that will ensure maximum points for you.  What we are looking for varies based on the scope of the mission and types of answers being reviewed, but we are looking for data accuracy, honesty, date/time of mission, location, and photo clarity.

Here are a few items that we are looking for to make sure you are successful!

  • Mission duration – Did you take enough time to answer the questions? Quick results indicate that your results are rushed through and may not be accurate.
  • Pin Location/Map Identification – Were you at the right store? We need to know if the answers you provided are for the correct store and products.
  • User’s mission history – Have you answered questions like this before? Have you already covered this mission?  We can get a better idea of how quick it takes you to answer questions and your style of taking pictures.  This will inform us of who you are as a user and what can we expect from your results.
  • Store’s mission history – this is critical in determining what others have seen and responded to in their results. A great percentage of missions require more than one result per location, so we need to determine if there is an agreement between the results.  
  • Photos – this is the most critical response a user will provide. This is where we will look at what you see in the mission’s location.  With your awesome photos we can:
    • Verify that your answers match the photos.
    • Determine if a product or item is NOT on the shelf/store.
    • Confirm if a product or item IS on the shelf/store.
    • Check what is around the item in question.

To be successful, please always remember to take your time answering the questions, be discreet, and take clear focused photos.  Always take photos as requested and if you cannot find an item, take a photo of the shelf in which you feel it should be – photos of the floor, or of an unrelated area of the store will be refused.  Remember, if you ever have any questions regarding your mission, get in touch with us at support@getmobee.com.

Author Note


Ray has been in various validation positions including leading the validation and user support teams. He has many years working in the user support, data, and technical fields. He is an avid knitter and loves all things crafty.



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