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How Can You Earn Extra Points With Mobee? 

The best way to earn the highest number of points is by completing in-store Missions, but there are so many other opportunities for you to earn points in Mobee. From social media contests to the Bee of the Month, we’ve got it all. Are you a few points away from the gift card you’ve been eying, or saving up your points for a big-ticket reward? Then this is just what you’ve been waiting for.  

 Save time, earn points, and become one of our top earners.  

Social Media

Have you seen the Mobee App social media pages yet? If not, you might want to check them out. On our Facebook page, Every Monday, we offer you the chance to win 50 points in our Movie Monday contest. All you’ll need to do is guess the movie title based on the emojis provided. The first 10 people to guess correctly each week win 50 bonus points. It doesn’t get easier than that!

 You can often find various photo contests on all of our social media pages as well. Most recently we ran a “Mo’lympics” contest during the Winter Olympics. The Mo’lympics included a social media photo contest where the selected winner earned 2000 Mobee points. When we have contests like this we will most likely send you an email (or two) and post content on our social media pages that will give you more information.


One of the best ways to earn extra points is through achievements. After completing a certain number of Missions at a specific store (ie: Walmart) or type of store (ie: Grocery stores) you can unlock one of our many achievements. The value of our achievements ranges from 100 to 750 points. While you will need to complete Missions to unlock them, you’ll be able to earn thousands of bonus points with your achievements.

To unlock the Electric Bee achievement for 750 bonus points, for example, all you have to do is complete 15 Best Buy Missions. Once these Missions have been approved, and you’ve been awarded your points, you’ll be able to claim your Electric Bee achievement for an additional 750 points. Don’t forget to claim your achievements, though! In order to receive bonus points, you must claim your achievements in the achievement tab of the app. They will not be automatically added to your Mobee account. Don’t miss out on any of your achievement bonus points! 

(Some) Anywhere Missions

Some of our Anywhere Missions are worth points now! Typically worth 50 points, all you’ll have to do is answer a few questions about yourself, your interests, etc… You won’t even have to leave your house for these Missions. Please take note, not all of our Anywhere Missions are worth points. If there is a point value associated with and Anywhere Mission it will tell you how many points it’s worth before you begin the Mission.


Referring your friends is one of the easiest ways to earn 300 bonus points without needing to complete any Missions. You can find your referral code on the “Invite” tab in the app. Sharing this code with your friends and family will give you more opportunity to earn more. Once the person you’ve referred uses your referral code (and completes their first Mission), you’ll both receive 300 bonus points.  

The more people you refer, the more points you’ll be able to earn!   

Bee of the Month

Another way you can earn bonus points with Mobee is through the Bee of the Month. The Bee of the Month is chosen by the Mobee team. We’re looking for the bee that exemplifies the Mobee values for that month. If you’re chosen as our bee of the month, you’ll receive 5,000 points!  

If you’d like to be chosen, you can even send us an email explaining why you think you should be our Bee of the Month. We take everything into consideration while making our selection.  For more information check out our “What is the New Mobee Bee of the Month?” blog.  

There you have it! There are tons of opportunities to earn bonus points from Mobee. We’d recommend taking advantage of every point opportunity we have so you can earn more rewards than ever before.

Do you want to earn money from your phone? Mobee pays you in rewards to shop at your favorite stores and retailers. Check us out on our website, the iTunes Store and the Google Play store today!    

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.