Happy Father's Day

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Our Fantastic Father’s Day Shopping Facts!

In May, We shared our favorite Mother’s Day facts, but now another holiday is upon us… Father’s Day! On this special day, we’re honoring fathers and celebrating the influence fathers have had on our society. Fathers throughout history have had a huge impact on the lives of their children, and others around them. Whether they’re soccer coaches, stay at home dads, executives, etc… there is always something to be proud of and celebrate. Thank you to all the Dads out there, this one’s for you!  

With all of the Missions you’ve all completed recently, you can use your Mobee rewards to help celebrate your father/father figures. Buying them gifts or experiences with your Mobee gift cards is the perfect way to show how much you care. So now, without further ado, here are our favorite Father’s Day shopping facts: 

  1. According to Hallmark, the fourth largest holiday for purchasing greetings cards is Father’s Day.  With 72 million cards given every year, we’re not surprised this holiday ranks so highly. 
  2. About 25% of Father’s Day card sales are dedicated to Humorous cards. I guess laughter really is the best way to show dads’ you care! 
  3. In 1972, President Nixon made Father’s Day an official holiday by signing a presidential resolution. This proclamation declared Father’s Day as the third Sunday in June. There are several theories regarding how the holiday actually began, however.
  4. Father’s Day spending is expected to reach about $15.3 Million this year a near record for the holiday.  
  5. Most people plan on purchasing their Father’s Day gifts this year at Department stores (39.4%), Online (33.2%), at discount stores (25.2%), and more! 
  6. In 2017, the NRF found that about 27% of dads would prefer to receive the gift of experience (ie. Brunch, concerts, sporting events, etc…) for Father’s Day. In addition to that, they found that 25% of shoppers had planned to make that dream a reality.  
  7. Much like Mother’s Day, different countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day on different days. In Australia, the holiday is being celebrated on September 2, 2018, in Brazil they celebrate Father’s Day on August 12th this year, and in Italy Father’s Day was celebrated on March 19th. These and many other countries have their own dates set for celebrating the fathers and father figures in their lives.  
  8.  The most commonly purchased Father’s Day gift throughout the years is Neckties! They have also become something of a symbol for the holiday, and father’s in general. If you’re struggling to find a great gift, a tie might be your answer.  
  9. Activities most Americans planned on doing with their fathers on Father’s Day include dining out (45%), outdoor activities (25%), sports-related activities (11%), and more.  
  10. In 2014 there were an estimated 72.2 Million fathers in the United States.  

Father’s Day

We hope you enjoyed all of our favorite Father’s Day shopping facts. As the holiday gets closer, be sure to use your mystery shopping rewards to buy awesome gifts/experiences for the fathers in your life.

What is your favorite Father’s Day gift to give or receive? How many special guys will you be celebrating this year (fathers, father figures, grandfathers, stepfathers, brothers, sons, significant others, etc…)? What is your favorite part of Father’s Day?  Mobee is a proud supporter of this holiday and would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there. We hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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