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How Do Brands Use the Data I Collect During Missions?

This is a guest article by Devon Kelly, our Sr. Director of Operations.

You may wonder why we at Mobee asks certain questions during a Mission. Why does it matter how many units are in stock for some Missions, but not others? Why is it important that I answer if the TV is playing content for some displays, but not others? Why, oh why, do I need to determine if a shelf is horizontally or vertically blocked?!

Our customers all have different goals that they want the Missions to help them answer. Some customers are focused on where they are on the shelf, which other brands are surrounding them, and if they have out of stock issues, while other customers are focused on how much space is allocated to their brand vs. competition. Some customers use the data you collect in Missions to identify stores where there are issues and fix them! For example, when we ask if the display has a TV playing content and you answer “no”, some of our customers use that data to contact the store to fix that TV. You’re helping our customers ensure their products are merchandised according to spec!

You’ve also probably wondered why some Missions reset each month, quarter, etc. while others are only up for a few weeks and then go away forever. Again, this is based on our customer’s requests. Some want recurring data collection, so they can trend their data, while others just want a snapshot in time. That’s why you’ll see some pins continuously reset while others are just a one-and-done.

We deliver the data via an online dashboard that aggregates the data from all of the Missions completed and shows the photos you take during the Missions. (We mentioned this dashboard in our “How Do My Missions Get to My App?” blog. Check it out here for more information on the Mission creation process.) The photos are our customer’s favorite piece of information that we deliver. Photos clearly show the store conditions we’re asking about in the Mission. That’s why it’s so important that your photos are clear and of the correct section/item. The photos you take, the information you supply, and the Missions you complete are integral to helping a variety of brands and stores.

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Devon Kelly is our Senior Director of Operations. She’s spent over five years in Market Research and the past three years focused on in-store research. She holds a BS in Business Management from Boston College.



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