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Fun Facts for a “Mom”umental Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is on the horizon! We wanted to use this week’s blog post to show our appreciation for our moms and Mobee moms! In order to celebrate, we’ve crafted a list of our favorite Mother’s Day shopping fun facts for you.

Each year total planned sales on Mother’s Day (and all holidays for that matter) is slowly increasing. While this may be true, you don’t need to spend all of your money on those lovely gifts. When you’re out shopping this year, check your Mobee app! There might be some Missions available that you can complete while you shop. You might even be able to earn some gift cards as a result to fund your gifting needs.  

Without further ado, here is our Mother’s Day fun fact list! Sit back, relax, and take a journey through these fun facts with us.  

Fun Facts 

  1. According to a 2018 survey by the NRF, total planned spending for Mother’s Day in 2018 is expected to reach $23.1 Billion.
  2. Fortune.com and the NRF have found that the most commonly purchased gift for Mother’s Day is… you guessed it, greeting cards. In 2016, Americans were projected to spend $792 Million on greeting cards alone.  
  3. Greeting cards were also the item with the lowest total projected spending for any one product. Despite being the most commonly purchased, higher priced items reached in the Billions for total projected spending in 2016 according to Fortune and the NRF.  
  4. Mother’s Day is a global holiday, but it is not always celebrated on the same date. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day 2018 will be on March 31st, and in Argentina, it will be celebrated on October 21st.   
  5. Many people procrastinate on their gift buying needs. According to DOZ, 30 percent of people wait until the week before to buy a gift, and 18 percent wait until 48 hours before.  
  6. In 1914 Mother’s Day was made an official US holiday by President Wilson. 
  7. Time Magazine wrote an article compiling a list of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts in every state. Which gift is most common in your state?
  8. The number of phone calls made in the US in 2010 was 11 percent higher on Mother’s Day than on Valentine’s Day.  Mother’s Day renders the highest number of calls for the year.  
  9. Most consumers will buy multiple cards for Mother’s Day (about 2.8 cards per person) to honor all of the Mothers in their lives. These extra cards are often for wives, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, etc…  
  10. Carnations are the flower of choice for Mother’s Day. This may be why Flower sales also skyrocket around Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day!

This is a wonderful day to celebrate our moms, step-moms and mother figures. It’s a wonderful day to thank them for all they do and have done for us over the years. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Beautiful Mobee Moms! We hope you are showered with cards, flowers, jewelry, and most of all love from your family and friends today and every day.  

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