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What Mobee (and Honey Points) Mean to Me

This is a guest post written by Eric Wynn, one of our Mobee users.

I am a long time Mobee shopper. To date, I have completed over 600 Mobee Missions in multiple states and dozens of cities. I don’t know if that makes me an expert bee, but it does make me a bee who can speak with the buzz of experience. And this bee wanted to share some of his personal insights into what Mobee, and being a bee, means to me and what it means being part of the hive.


First and foremost, Mobee allows me an opportunity to earn some additional income, without the constraints of a part-time job. This is important to me as I live a very nomadic lifestyle often moving several times a year for my full-time employer. We all need some additional income and I am blessed that as a wandering bee, in each new city I visit, I can just open up the app, scan the local area for Missions and go to work. I have now done Mobee shops from the easternmost tip of Massachusetts to the islands of Hawaii and many places in between.

Income Multiplier

I draw additional income from multiple apps, but Mobee has become this bee’s anchor in this endeavor. For example, I see a Mobee Mission at a local grocery store and buzz on down to get it. While there, I buy a few things that I need that will earn me rebates through a shopping app that I use. I then walk the store plaza and check for help wanted signs for another app that I use. When I get home, I submit my receipts to yet another app. Each of these apps, independent of one another, generates a small amount of income. Yet, combining these efforts, I am able to successfully earn a far greater amount than the Mobee app pays by itself. This busy bee wants to work smart, not hard!


The average family has less than $1,000.00 available for emergencies. And, that’s not this bee talking, that’s according to Brock Long, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This is the agency that America depends on during times of emergencies. With Mobee, I always have a stash of honey points set aside. Personally, I just let those honey points sit there and keep growing. I hope and pray I don’t need them, but you just never know when you might fall into a bee trap. Knowing I have some honey set aside sure helps take the pain away when I do get stung!


Each year, I like to take the family on a vacation. Go someplace amazing. Do something adventurous. I want to do something that the family is going to talk about for the rest of the year. Mobee has now become integral to my financing that adventure. As I wander around town picking up a shop here, and a shop there, those small dollar shops start to become big dollars over the course of a year.

Last year, I took the family to Hawaii. Mobee, and all that honey I collected the year before went a long way towards paying down those vacation expenses. I would even say, had it not been for Mobee, the trip might not have happened. Not only was I doing shops up to the day of my departure, I even did a shop while on vacation!

When I was on Oahu, I even made a point to check the Mobee app and noticed a shop just a couple of miles from where I was staying. This bee happily buzzed on down to Costco where the Mission was and completed the quick Mission, collecting both a travel bonus and a Mission payout. I then cashed out the newly acquired honey and enjoyed myself a frosty beverage, while on vacation, courtesy of Mobee.

Mobee, over the years, has grown to mean a lot of things to me. Additional income security, a nest egg for emergencies, and fabulous vacations. These are just a couple of the advantages that I have experienced over my years of being a busy bee. And, I promise you, Mobee will come to mean many things to you if you just keep buzzing.

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Author Note

Eric Wynn started using Mobee in 2014. He learned about the app in an article in the Penny Hoarder. Eric has found so much success with the Mobee app that he has begun sharing his own experiences with it in his blog, Average Joe Arbitrage. Eric’s writing focuses on helping the average person and family save money, travel more often, and to live a more rewarding life by sharing his personal experiences with money making apps, rewards programs, and arbitrage.

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.