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How Do My Missions Get to My App?

 This is a guest article by Jeff, our Operations Team Lead

How do missions get into the app? This was a blog post idea suggested by our Bee Keeper, Carissa recently. I started to think about all the database inserts and figured that getting into that would bore the good users of Mobee to tears. Instead, I’d like to guide you on a journey from client interaction, to mission creation, to the most important part… you!


Like many companies (and relationships) it all starts with a call or an email from someone like Rob, or Scott. We haven’t figured out how to make sales connections with Tinder swipes (yet). Like most dating app interactions, there are a lot of “I’m-not-interested’s” at the sales stage, but that’s OK! Eventually, a company realizes how great we are and doesn’t care that we still live in our mom’s basement. It’s a match!

The next step in the process is what we call “scoping”. This is a phone call between the potential client, the salesperson who brokered the deal, and an operations associate. The purpose of this step is to discuss what kind of information the client is looking for. During this step, we put ourselves in our Bee’s shoes to determine how they can gather this information without losing their minds. Nobody wants an angry bee…

Creating the Mission

Once the company and Mobee decide to move forward with their relationship, they’re now a client! No more awkward explanations to friends about how you’ve had a few calls, or “really hope this one works out”. Next, someone like me will write up a rough draft of the mission that you’d see in your app. This draft (or “survey”) is then passed back and forth between the client and our operations team until there is a finalized version.

At this point, the mission is ready to be “programmed,” and all of the questions are forever immortalized in our database. We use a variety of tools to do so… some we’ve built internally (our mission overview tool is called Mission Control!) and some are just good, old-fashioned inserts statements. The mission is then tested by one of our operations associates on their personal smartphone. We check for things like grammatical errors, pictures not showing correctly, mission flow, and general sanity of the mission if we were to do it ourselves.

Once we’ve completed testing the mission we “deploy” it for all of you to complete! After we “deploy” the Mission, we’re far from a couple empty nesters looking to do something to fill our time. No, at this point we have to make sure we’re on target to complete a mission. That’s why we’ll often send out emails or push notifications. We need your help to make sure our clients are satisfied with our work AND you’re compensated for yours as a Bee.


At this time, our validation team will also start their work. A human on our validation team will review every Mission that you submit as a bee. Once they give the “ok,” all of the information that you provided is presented to our client!

Honey Points

Once your Mission is approved by our validation team, you’ll be issued your honey points! You may even become a “Bee of the Month” or “Busiest Bee”! (You can read more about those here). The client can then view all of the information you gathered in one of our custom-built dashboards. As a Bee, you provide incredibly valuable information to brands like LovePop, and Hershey’s. Your in-store insights allow them to make the changes they need to flourish as a company.

Thank you for all that you do, and as always, don’t be scared to let us know how WE can do better for you!


About the Author


Jeff is the Operations Team Lead for Mobee App. He has a wild background involving almost a decade in Hospitality and dabbling in stand up comedy and software engineering. 

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.