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Mystery Shopping Tips for Top Earners

Do you have what it takes to be one of our top earners? We’ve got the secrets you need to turn your mystery shopping Missions into thousands of points.

We’ve given you the tools you need to be a pro at mystery shopping. Today we’ve got a little more insight that could turn you into one of our best bees. It’s not often that we divulge these top-secret tips and tricks, but we’re going to share with you our best practices when mystery shopping.  Are you ready to start earning more points with Mobee?

Take a look at our best tips and tricks:

Be Discreet 

The most well-known, and most important tip we can share with you is to be discreet while mystery shopping. We understand that some stores are smaller than others and that can make it much harder to be discreet. Maintaining your cover can sometimes be difficult. If you’re ever in a tricky situation what should you do? If you’re asked to stop taking photos or leave a store, please be respectful of the store manager or associate’s requests. You can let us know about this by sending an email to support@getmobee.com so we can further investigate.  

Being discreet can mean many different things to different people.   To us, it means making sure the store staff isn’t aware you’re checking their store for any issues. This will help ensure the data you collect is as honest and accurate as possible. 

Take Clear Photos 

Photos are a huge reason why Missions are refused. If photos are blurry and we can’t see the products in order to ensure the correct items are pictured, we will need to refuse the Mission. If you’re having trouble taking a photo for any reason, leave a note at the end of your Mission. Our validation team takes everything into consideration while looking at your Missions. If our validation team has a difficult time reviewing your photos with no explanation, that Mission will most likely be refused.

To take the best photos possible or learn more about our validation process, take a look at this blog written by one of our validators. Photos are one of the most important pieces of your Mission results. They are used to help us see the products, displays, and verify your answers. With that being said, better photos equals a higher chance of Mission approvals.   

Follow all Instructions

Once you begin the Mission, you’ll be asked a series of questions. Sometimes you’ll also be given instructions to answer those questions fully. This may include speaking with an associate, taking a photo of a specific display or from a certain angle, etc. Make sure you read and follow these instructions exactly as they’re written.  

If you’re asked to speak with a store associate, that interaction is extremely important to your Mission results. The responses they give, how helpful they are, etc. are all things that may help the stores or brands who receive the data. Following the instructions, no matter how simple or complex they are, will help ensure your Missions are approved.

Use the “did you have any issues” Question 

At the end of every Mission, you’ll be asked if you encountered any issues while completing the Missions. If you did, even if it’s that you couldn’t find a display but were still asked to take a photo, use this question to send that information to us. The more we understand about your experience and the reasons for the information you provided us, the more likely it is to be approved.  

We include this question to give you an opportunity to give us feedback about the Mission, your experience, etc.  Any information you can give us could help your Missions be approved. 

Double Check your photos/answers 

Sometimes we find that the information that was selected in a question doesn’t match the information we see in the photos provided. Double checking your answers with your photos before submitting a Mission is the best way to catch anything that may cause your Missions to be refused. Accuracy is one of the most important factors of your Mission. Double checking that your answers are correct is a small task that could have huge benefits.

Appeal refused Missions 

If your Mission is refused for any reason, you have the option to appeal that refusal if you do not agree with the decision or reason. If you choose to appeal your Mission decision, please provide us with as much information as possible. The more we know will improve our understanding of why you think it should be approved. Appealing a Mission decision does not guarantee that it will be approved, but it does give you a second chance at our validation process.  

Second chances can be priceless. Take advantage of them if you need to. Although, following these tips should help you ensure more of your Missions are approved.

Mystery shopping can have huge rewards for you when your Missions are approved. We want to see you all become a top Mobee earner this year. Stay tuned for another installment of Mystery Shopping best practices later in the year, and good luck! 

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