7 Affordable Tips For Staying Cool This Summer 

The summer heat is upon us, and with rising temperatures come higher electricity bills as we try to stay cool this summer.

We all know the feeling: the summer heat has hit, and you’re stuck inside your sweltering home with no respite in sight. With temperatures soaring, it can be hard to cool down without spending a fortune on air conditioning.

But staying comfortable during the hot months doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are some cheap ways to stay cool in summer:

No. 1: Take Advantage of Natural Air Flow

Opening windows at night when the temperature is cooler can help naturally lower your home’s temperature during the day.

You can also look into box or window fans for additional energy efficient air flow around your home. Fans help circulate cool air throughout the room and reduce energy consumption from using an air conditioner throughout the whole day.

A well-placed fan can keep your home or office feeling cooler without breaking the bank. You can usually find one for less than $50 that will do the job perfectly, and you’ll see a return on your investment very quickly.

No. 2: Shade Is Your Best Friend

Close your curtains or blinds during peak sunlight hours to keep the heat out of your home. Bonus points if you’re using blackout curtains! If you do not have window coverings, consider blocking the blight with other objects like blankets or furniture. It’s all about keeping the heat, and the light, out.

Having awnings over doorways or outdoor covered patios, or planting trees to keep your yard and house shades are other long-term options for keeping cool in hotter weather.

No. 3: Dress For Comfort

Instead of reaching for synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester, opt for lightweight clothing made from natural fibers like linen or cotton to stay comfortable in warm temperatures.

When it comes to beating the the heat wave, it’s all about comfort over style. Loose fitted clothing, shorts, single layers—all of these are your friends!

No. 4: Be Strategic With Appliances

Use larger appliances less frequently during hot days – instead of using an oven on a hot summer day, consider grilling outside! Another option is using small cooking appliances like a slow cooker, air fryer, or toaster over so you can keep the heat centralized to one smaller location.

Utilizing mini fridges and freezers when necessary can also help reduce energy costs associated with large refrigerator units running throughout the entire day – plus, they work great for storing snacks and drinks!

In addition, unplugging electronics that aren’t being used can help keep your home cooler as well by reducing excess heat from all those cords and wires. This could include TVs, computers, game consoles, chargers and other devices that tend to generate a lot of additional heat when plugged in for extended periods of time even when not in use.

No. 5: Utilize Cold Water Where You Can

Water can be used for more than just drinking!

One of the most popular ways to stay cool with cold water is by taking a dip in a pool or lake. Swimming in cold water helps regulate your body temperature, cooling you off when you start to get too hot.

If jumping into a pool isn’t your style, try using ice packs on your body instead. Applying ice packs or frozen water bottles directly onto areas where you feel warmest will help bring down your overall temperature quickly without having to submerge yourself completely underwater. You could even make DIY ice packs out of ziplock bags filled with frozen vegetables like peas or corn for a more convenient option.

No matter what method you choose, using cold water is a simple way to stay cool during those hot summer months.

No. 6: Shop Smarter

Before you make any purchases this summer, shop around online for discounts and rebates available near you – many stores offer seasonal sales on cooling items so don’t miss out on these deals if you’re looking to save some cash!

If you’re a part of Mobee, then you can do Missions and earn rewards that can be used toward purchasing fans, air conditioners, water, cold treats, and more!

Additionally, make sure that any cooling items you buy are Energy Star certified so that they meet energy efficiency standards established by The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

No. 7: Hydrate Often

Make sure to stay hydrated during the hotter days by drinking lots of fluids throughout the day (water is best!). Avoid sugary soda and sports drinks –– they may provide temporary relief from thirst but will not hydrate you as effectively as plain ol’ H20 does.

Additionally, eating foods like cucumber and watermelon can help boost your fluid intake too — nature’s answer to beating the heat!

Summer heat can be brutal, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. By following some of these simple and cost-effective tips you can stay cool in even the hottest temperatures without spending a fortune on air conditioning or expensive gadgets.

From keeping your blinds closed during peak hours to drinking plenty of water and wearing light clothing, there are lots of ways to beat the summer heat that won’t put too much strain on your wallet.

So take advantage of these cheap tricks today – they may just save you from one very hot summer!

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.