Mystery Shoppers: Avoid These 5 Pitfalls

This is a guest post written by one of our Bees, Stephanie Modkins

As a frequent Mobee app user, I’ve come across a number of pitfalls that have affected me in the past year. Perhaps, after reading this blog, you’ve come across a few of these yourself.

In 2020, I plan on avoiding these pitfalls and enjoying a more peaceful, prosperous year.

Pitfall #1: Prejudging a Mission

You open up the Mobee app and see new missions. Based on their names, you’re unsure what to expect. So, you select the ones with the lowest number of photos and questions. A few weeks pass by and the Mobee map looks sparse. You decide to tackle a seemingly more arduous mission. To your surprise, the requested display is missing, which cancels out most of the photos and questions. You finish the mission in under ten minutes.

Pitfall #2: Obsessing Over a Rejection

A mission you successfully complete ALL of the time gets rejected. This upsets you. Then, to make matters worse, your appeal is also denied. Instead of moving on, you obsess over this event for days and grow paranoid. Is Mobee rejecting my work on purpose? Once you cool off, you redo the same job. The second time around, you discover your error and your mission is accepted.

Pitfall #3: Engaging in Community Board Drama

In the hopes of connecting with other mystery shoppers, you join a community board (or niche social media group). Right away, you notice complaints about Mobee and other mystery shopping apps. Intrigued, you read on and post a response. This leads to a debate that wastes time. Whenever you visit the community board, typically, this pattern repeats itself. You rarely connect with anyone.

Pitfall #4: Failing to Read Each Question

It’s Saturday and the usual Mobee mission pops up. You set a route and breeze through most of them. The flow of the mission is familiar. Then, on the last one, you slow down. As you work it, you notice a slight change to a question. Your heart sinks. All of your prior efforts were for naught.

Pitfall #5: Failing to Create a Plausible Backstory

No store manager has approached you in months. You’re like a ninja slipping in and out of establishments without being seen by anyone. You become overconfident and fail to create a backstory for a new mission. To your dismay, a store manager asks what you’re doing. You stutter and offer up a flimsy excuse. He asks you to stop and leave the store.

in conclusion, the above five pitfalls caused me stress and uncompleted missions in the last year. I know I’m not alone. In 2020, let’s avoid them and make the next several months our best ones as mystery shoppers.

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Author Note

Stephanie Modkins is an active Mobee user. She spent her childhood as a military dependent traveling to different places like the Philippines. This experience taught her the value of diversity. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing cards and watching singing competitions.

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.