Making “Amazing” happen: Best Buy Missions

This is a user-written blog written by Christy Edwards

If you find yourself with some free time and are close to a Best Buy store, there might be a Mobee Mission available for you. If your desire is to complete one (or more) of the following missions: the Secure Home Mission, Listen Up Mission, the Advocating Adventurously Mission (and so much more) in an effort to earn badges towards completing the Electric Bee II Achievement (and earn the 1200 bonus points which are calling your name) I’ve got some great information for you. 

Beginning Your Mission

Your adventure begins by walking through the front doors of a Best Buy store. Typically, you are warmly greeted by the customer service ambassador. They often have a big smile and ask how they can assist you. Your response should be something along the lines of: “I’m doing well, I’m just looking to learn more about your smart home products today”.  The employees will always be happy to help assist you with that inquiry. Typically, they will point you in the right direction. Just like that, you’re on your way towards completing a Mission and earning your points (and Achievements)!

You enter the Smart Home section where a couple of things stand out to you. All the boxes are straight and organized, there are a variety of different brands of home security to choose from. The price tags are located above and below the various products. There are also some smart home products that have working displays to help you better understand how the products work.  All of these attributes will help you in completing your Best Buy Mission.

What Does the Mission Require?

It is very interesting that technology is advancing so rapidly. As it grows, consumers are enabled to feel safe and protected in their homes.  As an undercover bee, you look for the assigned products that are available in this store and start your Mission. You begin by counting how many boxes are available for each requested item.  Then it’s time to speak with an employee to see how they feel about the products and packaging.  I always find that I have learned a lot from the experience and feel more equipped and knowledgeable about the available products. 

Next, it’s time to move to the headphone section of the store. I usually begin by looking around to see what I notice first. Now, this Mission gets very interesting because you get to see and experience how different companies have decided to display their products and encourage customers to try their brands.  Some brands have working displays to test the product quality, while others have televisions which show the headphones in use.

For me, it’s very interesting to see how headphones can be the same and yet so different.  There are a variety of types, brands, and styles that one can purchase. From in-ear, to over the ear they have it all. these products often range in price as well. This Mission has been a fast and easy assignment where I have learned a lot about the types of headphones that are available. Not only have I earned points towards my next gift card, but I’m also more prepared to purchase my next pair of headphones. 

Key Mission Takeaways

At the end of these assignments, I usually take some time to pause and think over the Mission. I like to review the answers that I chose before submitting as well.  There are few takeaways that I learned from this Mission in particular:

  1. I enjoyed the interactions with the employees
  2. I have learned a lot more about the various products that Best Buy has to offer

In addition to those takeaways, I’ve gotten to see and experience the employee’s desire to make Amazing happen within their stores.

What Did I Learn?

Completing Missions has helped me better understand the following values:

  • Having fun while being the best
  • Learning from challenge and change
  • Showing respect, humility and integrity
  • Unleashing the power of our people

I’ve come away with having a better understanding of why Best Buy is one of the world’s most successful brands. Not to mention, I’ve earned more Mobee points which can be used to purchase a Best Buy gift card (or any gift card that YOU want)! As you have explored the store you’ve certainly seen some products that you would love to be able to purchase in the future. I love having the ability to give my input to stores and brands using Mobee. With each Mission I complete I learn more about different stores, brands and products, and I love that my results can make a difference in their business.

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Author Note

Christy has been a Mobee bee since 2019. She loves doing quick assignments/Missions which is why Mobee has been a great app for her. She loves learning new skills and ideas and is constantly completing Mobee Missions in her spare time. To date, she’s completed 287 Missions! Her favorites so far have been: Sound the Alarm Missions, Honey Missions, and Listen up Missions. We hope you enjoy her guest post!

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.