Mystery Shopping Insights: Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants are the best way to get food quickly and conveniently. We thought it would be fun to learn more about your favorite fast food restaurants (specifically for breakfast items) and share that information with you. Are you ready for another Mystery Shopping Insights blog with Mobee?

Fast Food Restaurant

According to your Anywhere Mission results, fast food restaurants are extremely popular, with 99 percent of survey participants eating at one during their lifetime. With so much popularity surrounding these restaurants, it only makes sense to learn more about your favorite fast food chains and features. To begin, we’ll take a look at the most popular fast food restaurants nationwide.

  1. McDonalds (35 percent)
  2. Chick-fil-a (19 percent)
  3. Starbucks (11 percent)
  4. Dunkin’ (9 percent)
  5. Burger King (8 percent)

We all have our favorite restaurants, but we’ve also got our primary reason for visiting fast food restaurants. Here are the most popular reasons for visiting your favorite fast food restaurant, according to our survey results.

  1. Quality of the food (43 percent)
  2. Inexpensive food (20 percent)
  3. Something you can eat on the go (20 percent)
  4. Quickly prepared (8 percent)
  5. Large selection (6 percent)

We can’t talk about our fast food favorites without looking at your favorite features of a fast food restaurant. So, here they are:

  1. Drive-Thru option (65 percent)
  2. Short wait for food (60 percent)
  3. Accessibility (44 percent)
  4. “Grab-and-go” options (32 percent)
  5. Self-serve beverage station (18 percent)

There are so many favorites that we could talk about when it comes to fast food restaurants. Convenience, quality, and your favorite brands are only just the start.

Fast Food Subscriptions

It was recently announced that Burger King would offer a $5/month subscription plan for their mobile app users. They’re offering one free cup of coffee per day to monthly subscribers. According to our survey results, only 14 percent of people were aware of this subscription plan. Diving deeper into the viability of a subscription plan like this, we learned that 37 percent of people (the largest majority) are more likely to go to a different fast food restaurant for their coffee, 30 percent are more likely to use a Burger King coffee subscription, and 33 percent do not drink coffee at all. Looking at these totals, 70 percent of survey participants are not likely to subscribe to Burger King’s subscription plan.

Just because a large majority of survey participants aren’t a fan of this subscription offer, does that mean all fast food restaurants should avoid some form of subscription plan? Let’s find out. First and foremost, we found out that 65 percent of participants would be more likely to buy a coffee subscription from a different fast food brand, while only 4 percent prefer the Burger King option. The most popular locations for a subscription plan are as follows:

  1. Starbucks (52 percent)
  2. McDonalds (44 percent)
  3. Dunkin’ (35 percent)
  4. Chick-fil-a (27 percent)
  5. Taco Bell (16 percent)

In addition, we found out that 45 percent of survey participants prefer a subscription plan based around food while 41 percent prefer a subscription plan based around beverages. Fourteen percent do not like the idea of a subscription plan at all.

Looking at this information, the decision is yours. Would you be interested in a subscription plan from one of your favorite fast food restaurants?

Fast Food Spending

Fast food restaurants are known for their low prices. This is typically one of the biggest selling points toward purchasing fast food, in fact. Looking specifically at breakfast options, we had to know how much money survey participants were willing to spend daily, weekly, and monthly.


  • $1-$5 (48 percent)
  • $5-$10 (47 percent)
  • $10-$15 (4 percent)


  • $5-$10 (30 percent)
  • $10-$15 (29 percent)
  • $15-$20 (22 percent)
  • $20-$25 (13 percent)
  • $25+ (6 percent)


  • $20-$30 (20 percent)
  • $10-$15 (19 percent)
  • $15-$20 (16 percent)
  • $30-$40 (16 percent)
  • $40-$50 (14 percent)
  • $50+ (14 percent)

Geographical Trends

Depending on where you currently live, your favorite restaurant, and the amount you’ll willing to spend on fast food, your favorite fast food restaurants could change. We’re going to take a look at the biggest differences we notice between different regions and the USA and Canada.

Let’s take a look at which restaurant each region would like to see a subscription plan for.

  • Northeast (USA): Dunkin’ (54 percent)
  • West (USA): Starbucks (59 percent)
  • Midwest (USA): Starbucks (50 percent)
  • South (USA): Starbucks (50 percent)
  • Atlantic Region (Canada): McDonalds (78 percent)
  • Central Canada: Tim Hortons (65 percent)
  • The Prairie Province (Canada): McDonalds (67 percent)
  • The West Coast (Canada): Starbucks (57 percent)
  • The North (Canada): Starbucks/McDonalds (53 percent)

Interestingly, while most regions wanted a Starbucks subscription plan, almost every region selected McDonald’s as their favorite fast food restaurant, which the exception of the South (USA), who selected Chick-fil-a as their favorite, closely followed by McDonald’s. Do you agree with these results?

Closing Thoughts

Fast food restaurants are changing the way we order food. From subscription plans to online ordering, there’s no telling what could be next for these chains. One thing that always remains true is fast food restaurants are making the changes they think will help them become your favorite brand for quick service meals.

Now, let’s take a look at our latest infographic based on your mystery shopping Mission results.


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