[FAQ Series] Mobee Pins Explained

In this month’s FAQ Series blog, we’ll be diving deeper into the Mobee pin and pin location questions that we see most often. We’re excited to share everything we can about Mobee pins with you all today.

Keep reading to learn more about pin locations, featured pins, available Missions, and so much more.

Why Are Some Pins Incorrectly Placed?

Mobee pins are added to the map based on the store location shown on Google maps. Sometimes, this can mean that a pin will not be placed exactly where the store is located. Whether the store closed, moved, or is in a different section of a mall or shopping center, location-based mistakes can happen, unfortunately. Luckily, we have a great team monitoring any pin location issue reports to update those locations as quickly as possible. Keep in mind pin location issues don’t happen often and our team is dedicated to correcting them when they do pop up.

We do our best to ensure all pins are correctly placed when they’re shown on the map, but because we can’t visit every store on our map it can be difficult to verify the accuracy of some pins. That’s where you come in …

What Should I Do If a Pin is Incorrectly Placed?

If you notice that a Mobee pin is incorrectly placed, all you need to do is send us an email with information about the pin. This can be done one of three ways…

  1. Open up the pin on the Mobee Map and select the red circle with an exclamation point in the upper left corner of the pin information page. By selecting this circle, you’ll be able to send us an email about a pin location issue that includes the store location already. Sending your pin location issue like this is the quickest and easiest way because it doesn’t require any additional information from you about the store location.
  2. You can send a message to our team using the “Open a Support Ticket” button found in the information page of the app. This quickly shares the information with us about a pin location issue, but we will need you to tell us the store name, address, city and state so that we can update the pin on the map.
  3. You can send an email to us directly at support@getmobee.com. If you decide to send an email to us, you will need to tell us the store name, address, city and state so that we can correct the pin on the map.

Essentially, the best thing to do if you notice an incorrectly placed pin is let us know so it can be fixed by our team. If you know a pin is incorrectly placed before driving to that location, you can send it to us before leaving your current location. You don’t need to be at the location to send us a pin location issue email.

What are Featured Pins?

One of our newest in-app additions, featured pins, has caused some confusion among the Mobee Bee community. Featured pins are set by our team to let you know about special Missions that are currently available on the map. These pins will be seen in gold instead of orange and they’ll be slightly larger than traditional Mobee pins. The question we see most is, why are certain Missions featured over others?

Featured pins are selected by the Mobee team for a variety of reasons. Featured Missions could be higher value Missions, Missions that are only available for a limited time or Missions that have bonus points associated with them. Traditionally, if there is a bonus point opportunity available, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know how to earn those extra points. Not all featured pins will have bonus points associated with them, however. Keep an eye on both the Mobee Map for featured pins and your email to stay up-to-date when bonus points become available near you.

How Many Missions are at One Pin?

Another question we see a lot is about the number of available Missions at one pin. At any one Mobee store, there could be any number of Missions available at that location. When you first select the pin, you’ll see a bar at the bottom of your screen that says the total number of available points – this number is across all available Missions at that store.

Tapping on this bar will open up the store page and allow you to see how many Missions are available at that one location, and how many points they’re each worth. Some pins may only have one Mission while others have 5-plus. You can view the total number of Missions and their associated point values in the app at any time. You do not need to be at the store location to view the total number of available Missions at any given store.

Closing Thoughts

Pin locations are a big topic of conversations among the Mobee Bees. With so many questions to answer, our FAQ series certainly came in handy. If you have more questions about Mobee pins, our support team is always available to assist you. You can contact them at support@getmobee.com.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the Mobee team.

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