Mystery Shopping Insights: Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day is a great day to show your dad just how special he is. Because this holiday is so popular, we decided to find out more about our Mobee Bees Father’s Day planned celebrations. We recently ran an Anywhere Mission called “The Greatest Dad of All Time Mission” where we asked you about your Father’s Day preferences.  

In this Mission, we gathered over 1900 results and we’re ready to share those with you. Let’s find out if you agree with what our survey participants said! 


Giving gifts during Father’s Day is a very popular tradition. Whether you’re buying a greeting card or tickets to a sporting event, it’s all about showing you care. In this section, we’ll dive deeper into the most popular gifts and stores to shop at for Father’s Day.  

First, it’s important to note that 55 percent of the survey participants are planning on celebrating Father’s Day with gifts this year. The most popular gifts to buy dads this year, according to our bees, are: 

  1. Greeting Cards (49 percent) 
  2. Clothing/apparel (31 percent)
  3. Gift cards (28 percent)
  4. Beer (15 percent)
  5. Experiences (13 percent)

While we’re on the topic of gifts, let’s look at the most popular gift-buying tendencies. Most of our survey participants are planning on buying a Father’s Day gift within 2 weeks of Father’s Day (63 percent). Fourteen percent are planning on buying a gift the day before, 11 percent are not buying gifts, 9 percent are buying gifts a month in advance, and 3 percent are buying gifts the day of. Where do you fall on this list? 

Finally, we found out that the majority of our survey participants plan out their Father’s Day gifts before making a purchase (58 percent), while 28 percent are making an impulse purchase this year. Whether you make an impulse purchase or plan your gifts in advance, we know dads around the world appreciate the thought behind each gift.  

Celebration Plans 

Father’s Day is not just about gift giving, as we well know. It’s primarily about showing our dads how much we appreciate them. Sometimes the best way to show that is by planning a fun activity for the day. So, let’s find out what our survey participants are planning on doing for Father’s Day this year.  

The most popular celebration plans are: 

  1. Spending time with family (76 percent) 
  2. Gift-giving (55 percent)
  3. Go out for a meal (42 percent)
  4. Athletic Activities (mini golf, bowling, golf, etc…) (8 percent)
  5. Go to the movies (8 percent)

Based on these results, it’s clear that spending time with family is the most important piece of this holiday.  

What Do Dads Want? 

The question we’re all wondering is, what do dads want for Father’s Day. We all think we know what they’re really looking for, but do we really know what they want? Let’s find out. The most popular gifts among the dads that participated in our survey are: 

  1. Gift cards (30 percent) 
  2. I don’t want any gifts (26 percent)
  3. Experiences (21 percent)
  4. Clothing/apparel (21 percent)
  5. Beer (20 percent)

In this section, lets also compare the amount dads want you to spend versus how much you actually spend on Father’s Day gifts, activities, and more. First, we’ll look at what dads think you’ll spend. 

  1. $20-40 (23 percent) 
  2. $60+ (22 percent)
  3. $10-20 (17 percent)
  4. $0 (17 percent)
  5. $40-60 (12 percent)
  6. $1-10 (9 percent)

Now, we’ll take a look at what you’re planning on spending on Father’s Day this year. 

  1. $20-40 (25 percent) 
  2. $60+ (23 percent)
  3. $10-20 (18 percent)
  4. $40-60 (17 percent)
  5. $1-10 (9 percent)
  6. $0 (8 percent)

It looks like our survey participants plan on spending a similar amount to what dads are expecting.  

Closing Thoughts 

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all of the dads around the world for everything they do. From soccer games to dance recitals and everything in between, dads are always there to support you. Where would we be without classic dad jokes too? 


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Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.