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Tips to Ace Your Mission

Have you had a Mission refused on Mobee before? Stick to these tips and you’ll be a pro at Missions in no time! You’ll be able to make more money from your phone than ever before with these tips. As you make your way to Mobee mastery, you’ll get to know these tips like the back of your hand!

Question Instructions

As you may already know, following instructions is key when completing Missions. It’s one of the first things our validators look for when reviewing the Missions in our queue.

One of the most important tips we can give you is to ensure you are following the instructions provided within the Mission perfectly. When a question asks for exactly two answer choices, then two must be submitted; If a question asks for a specific product or display, please make sure to look for exactly what is noted in the question; Does an answer asks for an exact price? (i.e. $8.99 instead of $9) make sure you do not round any numbers and provide the exact price; etc. We will do our best to help you find what we are looking for in the question details.

It is very important to pay attention to the question details. We are unable to change any of the answers you submit if a mistake is made. While we never want to refuse a Mission, we do need to have accurate and honest information in the Missions we approve.

Do Your Answers Make Sense?

All of your answers are reviewed by our validation team and compared to the photos you provide to ensure accuracy. Your responses are also reviewed to ensure they are realistic. For example, if you take a photo of an aisle which showcases a specific sports drink, then are asked how many of that sports drink are available, if you list 0 this Mission will be refused. If we are able to see that the information you have provided is inaccurate we, unfortunately, will have to refuse the Mission.

Do you want all of your Missions to be approved by our team? Be sure to double check your answers for accuracy! Mystery shopping can have huge benefits for you, and we want to make sure you’re able to reap the rewards.


Photos are a huge reason why Missions might be rejected in validation. When you’re taking photos in the app make sure they are crisp and clear. Blurry photos are much more difficult for us to validate. If we are unable to see the product or display we asked for, there is a good chance that the Mission will not be approved. Another important rule to follow when taking photos in the app is the “all-four-corners” rule. Make sure all four corners of whatever you’re photographing is in the photo so we are able to see everything we need.

Photos are also important because our team reviews answers submitted with the photos you provide to make sure they don’t contradict themselves. Your photos are a very important part of your Missions. The better the photo the better your chances of having your Missions approved are!

Additional Tips and Tricks

This first tip may seem like a no-brainer: make sure you’re at the store and that it’s open. In order to complete a Mission, you must be at the store location. If the pin is incorrectly placed or the store location is closed, please let us know so we can correct that issue. This will help give you more Missions at the correct locations! Once you begin a Mission you’ll have 60 minutes to complete it. Most Missions won’t take that long and use that extra time to double check your answers for accuracy.

If a store or circumstance prevents you from answering a question in the best way, we encourage you to tell us about the experience or situation in the Mission. At the end of each Mission, you are able to add any comments about the Mission or difficulties you have encountered while completing it. We will take these notes into consideration when we are validating your Missions.

You can’t go wrong with these tips! For any Mission you are looking to complete, these tips and tricks will help make sure your results are approved more often. We can’t wait to see your next Mission submission!

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.