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What Can In-Store Shopping Do For You?

As the internet expands its reach, the idea of online shopping has grown more and more appealing. Online shopping may have some benefits, but it also lacks a lot of advantages that can be found in shopping at actual brick and mortar stores. Whether you’re in a mall, boutique, thrift store, etc.… there is something unique and special that comes with shopping at a store. Here are a few reasons why in-store shopping can be greatly beneficial to you as a shopper!

Trying Clothes On

One of the greatest benefits of going to a store to shop is being able to try something on before making a purchase decision. Whether you’re deciding between two different sizes or styles of clothes you will be able to see and make that decision much more effectively inside the store. Trying clothes on also makes it so that you don’t have to buy multiple things that you may not want thus eliminating the need to ship unwanted products back to the brand.

Trying things on before buying them is the simplest way to ensure you like what you’re buying! Maybe you’re trying a new style for the first time or trying new colors, without knowing how it looks on you, you won’t have as much purchase confidence as you would in a store.

You Get What You Bargained For

Have you ever made an online purchase and when your package arrived it looked completely different? Maybe the color was off, maybe the quality was worse than expected, or maybe it just didn’t look anything like the online photo. Have you ever accidentally shipped a package to the wrong location? Has something you purchased online ever just not arrived?

The only way to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want (and that it will arrive to you) is to buy it at a store and take it home. This gives you the opportunity to really look at products and make sure you’re buying the product you want. In a store, there’s no faking color, quality, design, etc. What you see is what you get which allows for greater purchase confidence and it can often make your purchase decision a lot easier.

Instant Gratification

While online shopping seems like the fastest way to get the products you want because everything is available at the touch of a finger, when push comes to shove, receiving the product takes a lot longer when shopping online. Something that so often gets overlooked is the time it takes to have products shipped to you once they’re ordered.

The only way to get these products relatively quickly (usually 2 days after ordering) you have to pay a premium shipping price otherwise you’re stuck waiting anywhere from a few days to weeks. While there are some services and promotions that give you free express shipping, in most situations purchasing a product in-store is the quickest way to get the products you want when you want them without paying a premium shipping price.

You can walk into a store, purchase the product and take it home with you that day. This is a service that online shopping is not able to replicate because it is not beneficial for companies to ship products at a faster rate. If you’re looking for instant gratification, in-store shopping is for you!


Living in an increasingly digital world, going to brick and mortar stores is an outlet for people to interact with others outside of the internet. Going to stores to shop allows not only for interaction with the sales associates but also for interaction with your friends or family who have accompanied you to these stores.

Do you remember a time when hanging out at the mall was your favorite activity? Or Black Friday shopping with your best friends or family? Was there ever a time you weren’t sure what to buy someone for their birthday or Christmas but guidance from a friend, sales associate, or random passerby helped you make that decision? These memories wouldn’t exist without brick and mortar stores.

Human connection is often taken for granted in this digital world. Shopping at stores is a great way to increase time spent with others.

There you have it! These are a few reasons why in-store shopping is much more beneficial than shopping online. Not to mention, shopping in stores will allow you more opportunities to complete Mobee Missions when they’re available!

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