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Mobee Bonus Points: What Are They?

If you’re out completing Mobee mystery shopping Missions daily, weekly, monthly, etc… you might start to notice bonus points popping up every now and then. You may be wondering; how do I get more bonuses? What is the best way to earn bonus points? Can I only get bonus points in a Mission? If you are, then keep reading because we’ve got the answers for you.  

With Mobee, there are many ways you can earn bonus points and increase your total point value. With a variety of point opportunities, bonus points couldn’t be easier to earn. So what are bonus points exactly? They are our way of thanking you for all of the hard work that you do as mystery shoppers.

New Store Bonus

One of the easiest ways to earn bonus points is by completing Missions at new locations. For each new store, you complete a Mission at, you’ll earn an additional 25 points for that Mission. With these bonus points, the possibilities are endless. As you visit more stores, you’ll see your points begin to grow.  Mobee is always adding new stores to the Mobee map too, increasing your opportunity to earn a new store bonus.

Travel Bonus

The travel bonus is awarded for traveling a certain distance from your last completed Mission to the most recently completed Mission. For traveling longer distances, you’ll earn more points. Travel bonuses are awarded as follows:  

Traveling a distance of:

  • 11-25 miles, will help you earn a bonus of 25 points  
  • 26-50 miles will help you earn a bonus of 50 points 
  • 51-100 miles will help you earn a bonus of 100 points  
  • 100+ miles will help you earn a bonus of 250 points  

It pays to check out the stores that are a little farther away. If it’s your first time visiting that store, your travel bonus can pair up with your new store bonus giving you even more rewards per Mission.  

Extra Bonus Opportunities

Sometimes, we’ll have extra bonus point opportunities for Missions or on our social media accounts. Normally, we’ll send out an email explaining everything you need to know about the Mission, the bonus points, and how to earn them. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list so you’re in the know for new bonus point opportunities.   

Typically, these extra opportunities will be related to how many of a specific Mission you’re able to complete in a specific amount of time. For example, our BREW-tiful Mission bonus opportunity asked you to complete 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20+ Missions. As you complete more Missions, you earn more bonus points. Not all bonus point opportunities are the same, however, be sure to read the information provided so you can earn the most points possible.

Keep your eyes open for these extra bonus points! The opportunities don’t last long, but the rewards are huge! 

Manual Bonus

Sometimes, you’ll see a manual bonus in your balance history. You may be wondering what is a manual bonus, and how do I get more? A member of the Mobee team will add these points to your account for a variety of reasons. Manual bonuses are most commonly added for winning the Movie Monday Facebook contest, for reporting a failed Mission submission (that we have a record of in our database), for winning Bee of the Month or Busiest Bee, etc…  

Unfortunately, manual bonuses can’t be earned by completing Missions.

Referral Bonus

We’ve mentioned our referral bonuses a lot, but that’s because they’re the best way to earn the most points quickly. Referring your friends to Mobee is the easiest way you can earn points. Once they’ve signed up and completed their first in-store Mission, both you AND the person you referred will earn 300 bonus points. What’s more, for each person you refer that completes (and has approved) their first in-store Mission, you continue to receive 300 points for each new person. With these bonuses the point possibilities are endless.  

What’s Next

There’s no such thing as too many points, right? You can start earning bonus points with your Missions today. Using this information and combining that with Missions located near you, you’ll be one of our top earners in no time. 

Do you want to make money from your phone? Mobee pays you in rewards to shop at your favorite stores and retailers. Check us out on our website, the iTunes Store and the Google Play store today!   

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.