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Mobee Insights: How are the Mobee Bees Celebrating Halloween 2018?

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got a special treat for you all. We’ve collected insights from over 2,400 Mobee bees about their Halloween spending and celebration habits this year. Earlier in the month, we posted the “HalloWe Doin’ Mission” to hear your thoughts on Halloween. We’ve gathered the results, read the data, and we’re ready to share those insights with you!

As a special holiday treat, we’re giving you a first-hand look at your Anywhere Mission results. We’ve written out all of the information, but a visual representation of the data can be found at the bottom of this blog. Let’s get started.


Halloween costumes are an age-old tradition dating back hundreds of years ago. In modern times we dress up for less practical reasons, however. With that being said, let’s dive into the costume information you shared with us for the 2018 Halloween season.

This year, 44 percent of our Mobee Bees are planning on buying a Halloween costume. Of those people, 66 percent are planning on buying costumes for their children, 61 percent are planning on buying costumes for themselves, 28 percent are planning on buying costumes for their significant other, 18 percent are planning on buying costumes for their pets, and 2 percent are buying costumes for “other.”

Now that we know how many of you are buying costumes, which are the most popular among the survey participants?

  1. Other (29%)
  2. Movie Character (17%)
  3. Mythical Creature (15%)
  4. Superhero (14%)
  5. TV Character (14%)

We were very interested to see “Other” as the number one choice so we took a look at your write-in answers. Some of the most commonly listed costumes are no costume/not dressing up, book characters, video game characters, undecided, DIY costumes, and food products.

Lastly, we’ll talk about money. How much do you all plan on spending on your Halloween costumes? Let’s take a look!

Based on the information we gathered, 30 percent of our users plan to spend $1-30, 28 percent plan to spend $30-50, 18 percent plan to spend $50-75, 12 percent plan to spend $75-100, 8 percent plan to spend $100-150, 2 percent plan to spend $150-200, and 2 percent plan to spend $200+!


Candy… another very popular tradition when it comes to Halloween. Naturally, we had a lot of questions about your spending habits for candy this time of year. What candy is the most popular? How much will be purchased? And is there such a thing as too much candy? (I don’t think it’s possible to have too much…)

Upon first looking at the information you shared with us, it’s clear that candy is one of the most popular Halloween traditions among the Mobee bees. 80 percent of our users are planning on buying candy this year. With that in mind, I had also asked which candy was your favorite as well as which candy you were planning on buying. Do you think these stats will be exactly the same or will they differ?

First, let’s look at which candy was the most popular…

  1. Chocolate (79%)
  2. Fruity Candy (27%)
  3. Halloween/Fall Themed Candy (22%)
  4. Sour Candy (22%)
  5. Homemade Candy (6%)
  6. Other (3%)

By a landslide, chocolate was your favorite candy, and by an equally impressive (in a negative way) number, homemade candy was your least favorite. Which candy are you planning on buying this Halloween season, though? Will the numbers be the same?

  1. Chocolate (62%)
  2. Fruity Candy (15%)
  3. Halloween/Fall Themed Candy (11%)
  4. Sour Candy  (9%)
  5. Other (2%)
  6. Homemade Candy (0%)

It looks like your favorite candy was the candy you were most likely to purchase this Halloween season. It’s important to note the percentages differ because, in the first question, you were able to select multiple options, while in the second you could only select one. The overall results were very similar, however.

Finally, let’s look at money. How much are you all planning on spending on Halloween candy this year?

A majority of our Mobee users are planning on spending either $1-15 (42 percent) or $15-30 (38 percent). The remainder is split as follows: 14 percent of our users are planning on spending $30-50 on candy, 4 percent are planning on spending $50-70 on candy, and 2 percent are planning on spending $70+. Where do you fall in this chart?


Decorating for Halloween is a fun tradition that can be seen in houses, apartments, hotels, and more as far as the eye can see. But, are the Mobee bees planning on decorating their homes this year? Let’s take a look.

With an almost even split, 44 percent of the Mobee bees, who participated in this survey, are planning on buying Halloween decor this year. Of the 44 percent who were planning on buying Halloween decorations, the most popular options were: Pumpkins, light up/blow up decorations, candy bowls, and craft supplies to create DIY decorations.

What about spending? This year, the majority (33 percent) plan on spending $1-15 on decorations. This is closely followed by spending $15-30 with 32 percent of participants. The remaining people are planning on spending the following for decorations: 21 percent plan on spending $30-50, 8 percent plan on spending $50-70, and 6 percent plan on spending $70+. Which Halloween decorations are your favorites this year? How do you plan on decorating your house? Let us know in the comments below.

Greeting Cards

To some, this category may seem a bit odd, but greeting cards are often found on and during the Halloween season. While they’re by no means the most popular product to buy this time of year, they can be seen in stores far and wide as soon as fall hits. Bearing popular icons like ghosts, skeletons, candy, witches, and more. These cards are very festive and fun to send to friends and family.

How do our Mobee bee’s feel about Halloween greeting cards? Well, as you may expect they’re not as popular as other Halloween-based products. Only 6 percent of our users are planning on buying greeting cards this year while 93 percent do not intend on purchasing any.

Halloween Spending Overview

Now that we know what our bees are planning on buying the Halloween season, we can dive a little deeper into this information. First, let’s look at the most popular stores for making Halloween related purchases.

  1. Department Stores (42%)
  2. Grocery Stores (24%)
  3. Other (15%)
  4. Party Stores (10%)
  5. Online (9%)

Again, I noticed that other was fairly high on this list. So, which other stores are the most popular for you all? The stores we noticed most were: Dollar General/Family Dollar/Dollar Tree etc…, Walmart, and pharmacy stores (like CVS and Walgreens).

Most importantly, how do you all plan on spending your Halloween? A large majority of the Mobee users plan on either handing out candy (30%) or Trick or Treating (29%). The rest of our app users plan on Attending or hosting a party (20%), doing nothing (18%), and other (2%).

Finally, we’ll look at Halloween spending as a whole. How much does one Mobee bee plan on spending this Halloween season? To start, 11 percent of our users don’t plan on spending any money this Halloween season. The majority of our users (36 percent) plan on spending $1-30 this year. This is followed by 23 percent of our users who plan on spending $30-50, 11 percent who plan on spending $50-75, another 11 percent who plan on spending $75-100, 5 percent who plan on spending $100-150, 2 percent who plan on spending $150-200, and 2 percent who plan on spending $200+.

So, how do you stack up with this information? Where do you differ from these results? Let us know in the comments below. Keep checking the Mobee Map for Anywhere Missions and your data may be featured in another Mobee blog.


Take a look at this information in infographic form for graphs, pictures, and more.

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