Store Employee Interactions—Are You Paying Attention? 

As a secret shopper, most of the time when you’re out completing Missions, your only thought about store employees is “please don’t notice me.”

But, in some cases, Missions might require you to interact directly with employees. This usually involves asking employees questions and gauging their knowledge, helpfulness, politeness, etc.

Even if there aren’t questions like this included in your Mission, being approached by store employees is sometimes inevitable. But the information they might provide you with is still very valuable.

Retail stores and brands want all the info they can get when it comes to your shopping experiences and the health of their stores.

If you want to provide feedback and help your favorite stores improve, here are some questions to consider:

No. 1: Does the store feel clean and well-maintained?

When a shopper first walks into a store, they probably make a few judgments right off the bat.

Are the lights working properly? Does the floor look like it’s been swept and mopped recently? Is there trash on the ground?

The answers to these questions can say a lot about how well the store is running. After all, nobody wants to shop in a dirty building.

No. 2: Did an employee offer to help you?

One of the worst experiences as a shopper is feeling lost and needing help, but there are no employees around to help you.

So, while you move around the store completing your Mission, take note of which employees approach you and how knowledgeable and accommodating they are. If no one approaches you then that could mean that some big improvements are needed at that location.

No. 3: Were all the items mentioned in your Mission in stock?

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re shopping is driving all the way down to the store, going in, finding the right aisle, and being met with empty shelves.

When you’re completing your Missions, take note of how many empty shelves you see. Are all the items from your Mission well-stocked? What about surrounding products? Did you notice any employees stocking shelves anywhere else in the store?

No. 4: Was your cashier friendly and informative?

Sometimes Missions will require you to purchase items. If so, take that opportunity to pay attention to the cashier that you check out with.

Were they friendly and polite? Did they provide you with information about any store programs?

Checking out is the last experience a shopper has inside of a store and can leave a lasting impression if it doesn’t go well. That’s what makes this information so valuable to businesses.

Your Feedback Helps Improve Stores

As a mystery shopper, you’re in the unique position to help every other shopper out there get better experiences.

All of the feedback you provide could potentially lead to big changes for your favorite stores, so do your best to notice the little things and share them with Mobee.

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.