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How Can You Help the Brands You Love?

Most brands have an expectation of how their products will be displayed in stores. They create guides for stores to follow but have no way of ensuring their products are set up as intended everywhere they’re sold. No way of knowing, until now. You (and Mobee) give these brands the ability to be in multiple places at once. The ability to see where improvements can be made that they were unable to spot before. 

What we’ve found, thanks to you all, is that what brands expect to see is often very different from actual retail conditions. Brands can’t control what other products/signage gets placed near their products, how their products are being displayed, and more. Now, you can help the brands you love uncover package design flaws, “shelf health” issues, damaged displays/labels, and more at the retailers you visit most.

How Does This Help You?

You may be wondering; how does this help me? By helping these companies uncover flaws you’re helping them, but you’re also helping yourself. Maybe a product you’ve been looking for is always out of stock. Mystery shopping can help companies see and correct that issue, bringing you more of the products you’re looking for. The Missions you send in can also help your overall in-store/brand experiences. You have the ability to voice your opinion to help improve product quality, employee helpfulness, store cleanliness, and more.

If a product you’re looking for is damaged in stores, the brand/company may not know. By sharing that information with them through Mobee, they can correct that issue and help make sure the products you want are in-stock and in good condition. The information you share helps make your shopping experience better in the long run which is why it’s so important the data we collect is honest and accurate To improve inventory, decrease damaged products/displays, and more. Your insights can make a difference. 

You are how these brands are able to find this information out without being in multiple places at once. Companies aren’t able to have eyes and ears at every location where their products are sold. The data you provide gives critical insights to in-store activity that most brands can’t capture nationwide without you and Mobee. For more information on what brands do with the information that you collect check out this blog 

More than helping the brands you love, you’re also earning Mobee points. By helping these brands you can earn gift cards for yourself to your favorite retailers.


Mission location, the number of results needed, and the data needed are set up individually for each Mission. These specifications are set by our clients to optimize the data and ensure they’re getting the information they need to make the decisions that will likely improve your shopping experience.  Missions aren’t located everywhere on the map, but we’re always adding new Missions at new store locations. Checking the map frequently is never a bad thing, you never know when a new Mission might pop up!

Beyond earning points, the data you collect is extremely beneficial for many people. You may find that popular products are being restocked more often, the products you’ve been searching for are no longer hidden behind other brands or displays, and more! The results you send in can have a lasting impact on your shopping experience.  So, what are you waiting for?

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Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.