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Mobee Insights: Thanksgiving 2018 Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the year and give thanks for all you’ve accomplished, the things in your life that bring you happiness, and of course… to eat a lot of food. Whether you spend time with friends, family, or both, this holiday can get stressful at times. With Thanksgiving being just around the corner we were interested in hearing your thoughts about this holiday and your shopping tendencies.

Over the past few weeks, we posted an Anywhere Mission called “Gobble, Gobble Mission” and we had over 2000 people respond. Today, we’re going to share those insights with you. Take a look to see how your Thanksgiving shopping and celebration habits compare to the rest of the Mobee community. You may be surprised by some of the answers! As an added bonus we’ve created a visual representation of the information which can be found at the bottom of this blog. Check it out!

Thanksgiving Activities

Activities are a big part of Thanksgiving. From food to football and everything in-between. We took a look at the information you sent in to find out which activities are most popular and why. Let’s take a look into the insights provided by you.

The first question we asked you was “What is your favorite Thanksgiving activity or tradition?” Unsurprisingly a lot of survey respondents agree that spending time with friends and family is a pillar of this holiday. 46 Percent of Mobee users agree that spending time with friends and family is their favorite activity. This was closely followed by eating all of the food at 30 percent. The remaining 24 percent falls as follows: 4 percent of Mobee users prefer watching football games, 5 percent of Mobee users prefer watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, 13 percent prefer cooking or baking, and 2 percent selected other.

Now that we know what the Mobee users favorite activities are, let’s find out what they’ll be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Taking the lead is Attending a party at 39 percent, but is closely followed by hosting a party at 31 percent. In this category other is relatively high on the list, coming in third with 14 percent. Some of the activities you listed in your write-in answers for this category were:

  • Staying Home
  • Visiting Family/going to a family members house
  • Working

The remaining participating users plan to travel (10 percent), go to a restaurant (4 percent), go to a Thanksgiving parade (1 percent), or attend a football game (1 percent). All in all, there are a plethora of activities to do on Thanksgiving and our survey participants sound prepared for a fun and eventful Thanksgiving day!


Food is possibly the most notable aspect of this holiday. From Turkey to pie there is no shortage of Fall themed dishes that can be made and shared with friends and family alike. I don’t know about you, but all of the amazing food is a big highlight for me and my family. So, let’s find out what our survey participants think, what they plan on making, and how much they plan on spending on Thanksgiving food.

The first question we need an answer to is: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Let’s take a look at the top 5:

  1. Turkey (23 percent)
  2. Stuffing (22 percent)
  3. Pie (15 percent)
  4. Mashed Potatoes (13 Percent)
  5. Sweet Potatoes (9 percent)

Now that we know what your favorites are… let’s take a look at your cooking/baking trends. Of the participants that are planning on hosting a party, 55 percent are planning on making everything while 13 percent are planning on hosting a pot-luck style feast. You may be wondering about the other 31 percent. Well, 39 percent are making most of the meal while guests bring side dishes and desserts and 1 percent selected other.

Of people attending parties, 81 percent do plan on bringing some kind of food. What do you all plan on making? Let’s find out! Because many people plan on making multiple things this year, these numbers are much closer together and equal more than 100 percent.

  1. Pie (58 percent)
  2. Mashed Potatoes (55 percent)
  3. Turkey (53 percent)
  4. Veggies (52 percent)
  5. Stuffing (52 percent)
  6. Gravy (45 percent)
  7. Sweet potatoes (38 percent)
  8. Cranberry sauce (31 percent)
  9. Other (18 percent)
  10. Cake (18 percent)
  11. Pastry (15 percent)

The last thing we’ll look at in this section is planned spending. With 25 percent of survey participants agreeing, $30-50 is the most common option. This is followed by $50-70 at 19 percent,$1-30 at 19 percent, $75-100 at 18 percent, $100-150 at 11 percent, and  $150+ at 8 percent. Do you agree with these food trends? Let us know!


A cornerstone of Thanksgiving is spending time with friends and family. Essentially, it’s all about being in the company of those who you’re thankful for. With that in mind, I was curious who you all planned to share this day with. In addition to Thanksgiving, there’s the ever popular “Friendsgiving” which got me thinking… how popular is that variation of the traditional Thanksgiving holiday? And how popular is it among Mobee users?

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the data.

First, we’ll take a look at who you all plan to spend this holiday with. Not surprisingly, in first place is family, with 90 percent. This is followed by Significant other at 43 percent, friends at 39 percent, extended family at 25 percent, in-laws at 20 percent, and other at 3 percent.

Spending this holiday around the people you love and appreciate most is always a great idea. Surrounding yourself with good company is a great way to celebrate and make the most of your day. Since we’re talking about friends and family, let’s take a look at “Friendsgiving” trends this year.

A popular trend that has grown from the Thanksgiving tradition is “Friendsgiving.” I was curious about this trend and if many of our users participated in it. Of the Mobee survey participants, 25 percent plan on celebrating “Friendsgiving.” Of that 26 percent, 74 percent plan on celebrating “Friendsgiving” in addition to Thanksgiving. There’s nothing wrong with having two feasts in my opinion!

Having multiple feasts is no easy feat, however. There’s additional costs, a lot of additional food, and more. How much to do our Mobee users plan on spending on “Friendsgiving” this year? In the top spot is $15-30 with 31 percent, followed by $30-50 at 26 percent, $1-15 at 19 percent, $50-100 at 16 percent, and $100+ at 8 percent.

Thanksgiving/Fall Spending Overview

Thanksgiving is the ultimate Fall holiday. Because of that, there are a ton of decorations that are available at this time of year. Of the Mobee survey participants, 37 percent plan on buying Thanksgiving/Fall decor, but which is the most popular?  Let’s take a look!

  1. Pumpkins (72 percent)
  2. Candles (58 percent)
  3. Outdoor decorations (43 percent)
  4. Wreath/garland (41 percent)
  5. Flowers (33 percent)
  6. Decorative pillows (16 percent)
  7. Blankets/throws (15 percent)
  8. Other (6 percent)

Beyond looking at just decorations, we’re also going to look at your overall Thanksgiving opinions and your planned spending. Of those who participated in the survey, 93 percent are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this year. There are a lot of places where you can shop for your Fall and Thanksgiving needs. Here are the most popular:

  1. Grocery Stores (48 percent)
  2. Department Stores (27 percent)
  3. Not buying Fall products (15 percent)
  4. Dollar Stores (6 percent)
  5. Other (3 percent)
  6. Pharmacy Stores (1 percent)
  7. Convenience Stores (1 percent)

Lastly, we’re going to look at your overall planned spending for this Thanksgiving and Fall season. Taking the lead is $1-30 at 27 percent, followed by $30-50 at 23 percent, the $0 at 15 percent, $50-75 at 13 percent, $75-100 at 11 percent, $100-150 at 7 percent, $150-200 at 3 percent, and finally, $200+ at 2 percent.


To tie all this information together and make it easier to read and understand, we’ve created this infographic for you. It contains all of the insights I thought were most beneficial and interesting for you. Keep an eye out for our Anywhere Missions if you’d like your insights shared in one of our upcoming blogs.

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