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What Happens with Your Refused Mission Results?

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn money in your spare time. Unfortunately, not every Mission that is submitted will be approved by our validation team. All of the answers, photos, and other requirements are an integral part of each Mission and help us determine if the submission is what our clients are looking for. Each Mission is viewed by a member of our team. They take the time to check each photo, compare them to the provided answers and make the best decision they can about the validation status.

Some questions we see a lot are: what happens to your Mission results if they’re refused?; What happens to Missions results when they fail to submit?; And do we still have the data and is it being used?

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for and are here to shed some light on the inner workings of Mission refusals and failed submissions.

Failed Submissions

First, we want to go over what happens when a Mission fails to submit. When this happens, we do not see or receive any of the answers to any of the questions associated with that Mission. All we are able to see is that the Mission was started and the location of that Mission. Because we do not have any data or images from the Mission we can’t give full credit for these submissions.

A question that often comes up regarding failed Mission submissions is, why didn’t it submit? This can happen for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Network connection issues
  2. Long loading time
  3. If your phone’s battery dies
  4. Technical issues within the app
  5. If the app isn’t up-to-date

Making sure the app is up to date, your phone has enough battery power to complete the Mission, and that you have a strong network connection should help ensure your Missions submit properly.

Our Validation Team

Our validation team plays a big role in your Missions approval or refusal because they’re looking through each individual Mission. At Mobee, we never want to refuse any Missions and do our best to approve as many as possible. Some issues within Missions can’t be overlooked, unfortunately.

If you believe your Mission was refused incorrectly, it can also be appealed. But we’ll talk more about that later in the blog. Our validation team plays a big role in making sure the information we collect is both honest and accurate. Submitting the best Missions and double checking your answers before submitting will help ensure more of your Missions are approved.

Mission Refusals

The most important piece of information we can share with you is, once a Mission has been refused, that data is not shared with our clients and is not used in any way. When a Mission is refused it is because the photos or information provided did not meet the requirements for that Mission. If a Mission is refused due to incorrect answers, that Mission is not used or shared at all.

What about Mission Appeals?

Luckily, with any Mission refusal, you can appeal that decision if you don’t agree with it. Because we have members of our team reviewing each Mission, it is possible that a mistake could be made in our validation process. With that in mind, we’re happy to take a second look at any Mission decisions that you don’t agree with. Once a decision has been made on the appeal, however, it is final.

If the Mission remains refused, that data will not be shared with our clients or used in any way. If your Mission appeal is approved then the answers your submitted will be included in the data and you will receive your points for that Mission. It’s never a bad idea to appeal a Mission decision you don’t agree with. You won’t know if the decision could be overturned if you don’t appeal it.

Mobee Support

An important resource to take advantage of is the Mobee support email. If you need more information about if your Mission was submitted correctly, if you want to appeal a Mission decision, if your Mission is still pending, and more this is the best resource for you. The Mobee team can look into your account and double check the information you need. The support email is also where you’ll go to appeal your Mission decisions.

Closing Thoughts

Mobee Missions are an amazing way to earn a little extra money. The information you send in your Missions is extremely important to a large number of people. If Missions are refused, then they are not used at all by our team. To ensure your sending in the best Mission results, check out some of our other blogs with tips and tricks on taking photos, answering questions, and for an overall view of what our validation team is looking for in your Mission results. As always, keep the Missions coming and Happy Mobee-ing!

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