5 Ways Mobee Can Make Your Life a Little Easier

What separates Mobee from other apps out there that say they can make you some quick cash? Here are five ways that using the Mobee app could make your life a little easier:

No. 1: Staying Motivated

Everyone can attest to the feeling of being unmotivated. But being a parent and staying motivated? Now, that’s a challenge. Maybe it’s the dishes piling up in the sink, or all those little dust bunnies you keep seeing on the carpet. With Mobee, there’s at least one chore that you might feel more motivated to do while using the app—and that’s shopping.

Say you’ve been meaning to run to Walmart or Kroger for your weekly groceries, but you just haven’t been feeling the actual drive to get out of the house and go. Why don’t you try using Mobee to complete a Mission while you’re there?

With Mobee, you can do your necessary shopping, complete the steps for the Mission, and leave the store feeling extra-accomplished with rewards coming soon.

Mobee can give you something to look forward to whenever you need to go shopping, whether it be the exciting and entertaining Missions waiting to be completed, or the rewards you could earn and use to treat yourself for a job well done.

Who knows, you may even find a product at the store that motivates you to go home and tackle the rest of your chores!

No. 2: Keeping the Kids Busy

Now, say you have some kids tagging along on that grocery run. Every parent knows how shopping with children can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Younger ones can stay in the cart with you, but what about the older kids who sometimes like to wander or mope around?

With Mobee Missions, you can let the kids in on the fun and still earn rewards while doing it. Show them what kinds of displays to look for, or what products you need pictures of and help them to live out the secret spy fantasy of their dreams.

This will help them to stay enthusiastic and focused while giving you a chance to grab those items you need from around the store. Grocery shopping with the little ones doesn’t have to be so bad after all.

In the end, when you’ve gotten everything on your shopping list, you can complete any other parts of the Mission you might have missed, check out, and then get back rewards to be used as a fun prize for the kids after all their hard work.

Working for their prize could also pose a great lesson for your children as they grow up in the world. With Mobee, it’s a win-win for everyone.

No. 3: Hanging Out with Friends, Family, or Your Partner

Just like with your kids, the Mobee Missions can be fun for everyone involved, such as your friends or family. If you’ve been having trouble connecting with people outside the house lately, try asking your loved ones to download the Mobee app too and then you can complete Missions and collect rewards together.

Make a game out of it! Some Mobee Missions can only be completed once, but others can be completed by multiple people. You can race to see who can complete some Missions faster or work together to complete different tasks and share information across the app. It would be like a real-life quest you can complete together to earn double the treasure (Mobee rewards) in the end.

Then, you can take your combined treasure and treat yourselves. If you complete Missions with your partner, you could even surprise each other with gifts using your Mobee rewards.

It’s a guaranteed way to make going to the store a more exciting experience than ever before.

No. 4: Make Gift Shopping Easier Around Holidays/Birthdays

One big benefit of the Mobee app is how you can use your rewards so that they fit you and your own personal needs. If you know the holiday season is coming up fast, or a loved one has a birthday or a big anniversary, Mobee is a great tool to help build up rewards that can later be used as gift ideas for family and friends.

There are several reward options on the Mobee app that might interest your special someone, and the reward options only grow as you complete more and more Missions.

You can either use the rewards you redeem to buy your person their gift or give them the reward as a part of their gift to be used on their own time. We all know at least one person that’s absolutely impossible to shop for, but Mobee offers several different options that can suit anyone at all.

No. 5: Put Mobee Rewards Toward Your Everyday Life

Lastly, is the most obvious benefit of Mobee—the rewards themselves! On the Mobee app, there are several reward options, and rewards continue to build up in value as you gain more points from Missions.

Maybe you’re someone who is always on the go but can’t seem to get your day started without a morning cup of coffee. For only 500 points, you can redeem a reward of $5.00 at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s a free coffee whenever you need it.

You could even let your points add up while doing a lot of different Missions and eventually be able to redeem a $50.00 gift card to use on a ton of free coffees. That’ll keep you energized!

But, if coffee isn’t your thing, Mobee has plenty of different options for redeeming points, such as gift cards for the movie theater, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Apple, and many more. These rewards could be used in a variety of ways, all to make your life easier. Get your grocery shopping done at Walmart, your gift shopping done on Amazon, and who doesn’t like to wander around Target?

All you need to do is complete any Mobee Missions available near you and you could be redeeming points and shopping for free items to help your daily life run that much smoother.

By completing Missions on the Mobee App, you can help companies ensure that their products are doing well and being sold properly. As a result, customers (like you!) can continue to buy the items you love, all while earning rewards and having fun doing it!

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.