The Ultimate Couples Guide to the Mobee App

One facet of the Mobee App that most people wouldn’t consider is the benefit it can have on your dating life. However, as our Mobee Bees Shushmita Hoque and Clay Mangiameli can attest, incorporating Mobee into your relationship just might be a great idea.

Getting Comfortable

Any long-term couple will tell you that moving in together isn’t always the easiest transition to make. You’re taking two fully fleshed-out lives and smashing them together under one roof, not a small feat.

Where does Mobee come into play?

Well, Mobee offers a ton of reward options. Many of which can be used to fill out and customize your new home together! Here are some options:

  • Wayfair – For help with any bed, bath, décor, or even furniture needs.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – To help with bed, bath, and go beyond your expectations!
  • Hotels.com – In case you need somewhere to sleep while you’re waiting to finish setting up that bedroom.
  • Lowe’s – For any home renovation needed to help you get comfortable.
  • Visa – For anything else that might come up!

These points can be used however you need them to help make your new home feel like a safe place for everyone involved. After all, living together is about combining your past lives into one and making sure everyone has their seat at the table.

Staying Motivated

Another big part of living together is learning to divvy up the chores and carrying your own weight in the household. It doesn’t matter how the housework gets divided, as long as everyone is happy and comfortable.

One chore we struggle with is shopping — it’s just so hard to get out of the house! However, incorporating Mobee in your shopping can be a big motivator.

Mobee has Missions available at a multitude of different locations so you can earn some points and complete your normal errands all in the same trip.

If you go together with your partner, you can even work as a team to complete the Mission tasks. This can increase efficiency and help you stay inconspicuous. Plus, some Mobee Missions can be completed multiple times. This means that if you both complete the Mission during the same trip, you can double up on points!

Saving Money

Now this may be the most obvious benefit to using the Mobee App — the rewards!

When you’re in a relationship and constantly trying to find fun, new things to do, dates can get expensive very quickly. Dinner for two, movie tickets, drinks, etc. All of this adds up!

One way you can incorporate Mobee into your budgeting would be to save certain outings only for when you have Mobee points available there. Maybe you only go to the AMC theater when you’ve saved up enough Mobee points to get the $10, $25, or even the $50 AMC gift card.

If you save up enough Mobee Rewards or go out and try to do several Missions in one day together, eventually you can earn enough to put points toward an extra nice dinner or an activity that was a little too far out of the budget before. Mobee works wonderfully for couples who want to thrift together and find the best deals available.

Keeping Dates Interesting

The same old dates just don’t always cut it. Dinner and a movie can be fun, but all the time? Eventually, the usual dinner spots can feel a little monotonous, and there’s not always a movie in theaters that piques your interest.

If you’re looking for a way to change up your dating life, and earn rewards while doing it, Mobee is the app for you!

Like we said earlier, some Mobee Missions can be completed more than once, so you can each do the same Mission and earn double the points. You can either work together or make a game out of it!

Who can complete the Mission faster? Or make up some fun characters to role play as while you’re in the store? Maybe you’re a team of secret agents, doing your best to complete your Mission without getting caught. Or maybe you just bought a brand-new home and you’re looking for new furnishings and décor while shopping.

After you’ve both received your points from the Missions, you can use your rewards to buy each other gifts.

You might have seen the Tiktok Target couples challenge that was trending for a while. This is where you and your partner go into Target and secretly buy each other gifts in the following categories:

  • Favorite drink.
  • Favorite snack.
  • Favorite color.
  • Something that reminds you of them.
  • An everyday thing.

You can stick with these categories or change them to match your relationship as needed. Then, you guys meet up afterwards and show each other the presents. It’s a romantic date to demonstrate just how much you know your partner. And luckily, the Mobee App has some Target gift card options to choose from!

Mobee isn’t just a secret shopping app, it’s a versatile app that can be used to fit your needs as best as possible. Maybe that’s with budgeting, or maybe it’s to help you get closer to your loved ones.

Bobby the Bee

Bobby the Bee is our honey-loving mascot. He currently holds a degree in making Missions, and making honey from Mobee University.