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Show Gratitude this Holiday Season with a Mobee Reward

This is a guest post written by one of our Bees, Stephanie Modkins

What’s the best part of the holiday season? In my opinion, it is gratitude. Gratitude is a platform for helping others. There’s always someone less fortunate than you. And, through Mobee, you can use rewards to give this individual more joy. Here are a few ideas on how you can do that!

No. 1: Give out a Starbucks Gift Card

For 500 points, you can buy a coffee lover their favorite Starbucks drink. This act of kindness translates into giving up your ante for one or two missions. Easy-peasy.

No. 2: Treat a Friend to an AMC Outing

Do you have a friend who typically gets sad during the holidays? If so, lift this person’s spirit with an inspirational movie at an AMC theatre. The best ones come out around Christmas. These flicks show the good in humanity and boost the watcher’s mood.

Be sure to visit AMCtheatres.com a few days ahead to reserve your seats.

No. 3: Offset the Cost of Medicine for a Senior

The cost of medicine continues to rise. Even with health insurance, elderly males and females struggle to pay for their prescriptions. Show gratitude for this group by presenting one with a CVS pharmacy gift card. After all, they paved the way for you and so many others. Giving them financial relief during the most expensive period of the year is a godsend.

No. 4: Gift a Thermal Sleeping Bag to a Homeless Person

Temperatures start to drop in November. This reality is dangerous for homeless people. Without help, they succumb to hypothermia, a condition that leads to the malfunction of organs and, eventually death. Help a homeless person stay warm by gifting a thermal sleeping bag. You can buy one online on Amazon using a Vanilla eReward Visa.

No. 5: Buy a Turkey at Walmart for a Needy Family

The turkey is the most expensive part of any holiday meal. For this reason, some people go meatless or choose other cheaper cuts of meat. This holiday season, expand a needy family’s plates by donating a bird. With a Walmart gift card, you can buy one at a Walmart superstore. Then drop off the turkey at a charitable group that gives out free turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In conclusion, show gratitude this holiday season by doing one of the above ideas. As a Bee, you have access to a variety of rewards. Use one to show your appreciation for life!

Editor’s Note: Stephanie Modkins is an active Mobee user. She spent her childhood as a military dependent traveling to different places like the Philippines. This experience taught her the value of diversity. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing cards, and watching singing competitions.

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