4 Reasons That Mystery Shopping is Awesome

This is a guest post written by one of our Bees, Courtney Woodruff

Companies use mystery shoppers to better understand shoppers’ experiences with their product/service. For a brand like Colgate, they may want to see what their toothbrush displays look like in Walmart. While Walmart might want to see which toothpaste brand their store associates recommend. 

For the shoppers themselves, these companies pay them rewards for their services. They also give them a flexible schedule to work. In this guest blog post, we go over 4 reasons why mystery shopping is awesome. This is straight from the perspective of a mystery shopper. 

1. You Get Paid to Shop

My favorite part is that you get paid to shop and be in the stores. There are many kinds of mystery shopping adventures. They include purchasing an item, checking on some products, monitoring customer service, and merchandising. It is so much fun to go into a store and be able to do these kinds of things. Especially since you don’t have to spend your own money. 

In fact, you are making money! Different apps pay in different ways. This includes gift cards, PayPal, check, rewards, and more. I love to save gift cards for the holidays. And you can also put extra cash rewards toward savings. Here are some ideas for different ways to spread Christmas cheer with your rewards. And here are some ways to create DIY Thanksgiving decorations using rewards.

2. You Can Set Your Own Schedule

One cool part is that you get to set your own schedule. Whether you prefer morning, noon, or night, you can work anytime. Some mystery shopping companies need shoppers to be in the store or make a purchase within a certain timeframe or date. But if you do not like the criteria, the good news is you can skip that one and go on to the next! You get to choose! 

You are an independent contractor and do not work for the company so there is no set schedule or requirements. 

If you sign up to shop, you definitely need to complete it though! So, if you are ready to go and make a few extra bucks, sign up for the shop, and complete it to make that money. 

If you’re only available after your full-time job or when the kids are in school, guess what? Mystery shopping can accommodate that type of schedule and many more. Here are a few ways to advertise yourself as a mystery shopper, and get gigs.

3. You Can Play ‘Spy’ for the Day

Another cool part of mystery shopping is that you get to go incognito! Unless the company asks for interactions with employees, it is your job to blend in as much as possible. You want to get the trip completed without anyone noticing that you are there. Hence the name mystery shop! 

Also, make sure to shut the shutter for the camera off of your phone (cut the volume off of the camera). Otherwise, everyone will know you are taking pictures! 

And last but not least, be sure to dress casual but professional at the same time. You should look like you belong in the store. Try not to appear too anxious, after all, no one else knows what you are up to. 

4. You Can Earn Rewards When You Are Out Anyway

Do not forget to check the app when you are at a store doing your own shopping! You may as well make some money while you are out anyway. 

I try to check the app when I am out at any store and sometimes I plan a “route” to go out. During that trip, I can perform mystery shops when I have some extra time and want to be productive. 

If you don’t want to make an extra trip? You do not have to. The great thing is that you get to decide! Mystery shopping allows you that flexibility. 

In conclusion, mystery shopping is a fun activity that can make you extra money/rewards. It allows you to earn those rewards while maintaining a flexible schedule. And it’s very fun to go undercover, especially when performed with other people. 

We hope that you will become a secret shopper as well. Your feedback helps brands and retailers create better customer experiences.  If you are ready to get started, you can start by checking out the Mobee App.

Editor’s Note: Courtney Woodruff has been mystery shopping for about half her life! She began using Mobee in 2014 and has enjoyed the perks of earning gift cards for stores she already frequents and saving them to use for holiday gifts.

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